9-Year Old Insulted at School Sports Day for Her Boyish Appearance and Accused of Being Male

A track-and-field event at Kelowna’s Apple Bowl took a distressing turn when a child participating in the forth grade shot-put final became the target of anti-trans abuse. 

Derogatory Comments

The parents of the young athlete, who wish to remain anonymous, reported that the grandfather of another participant said derogatory comments toward their daughter, questioning her right to compete based on her gender.

During the shot-put event, the grandfather allegedly shouted at the child, questioning why boys were allowed to compete in what he perceived as a girls’ event.

The parents clarified that their daughter is cisgender, born female, and uses she/her pronouns.

They described her appearance, including her pixie haircut, to emphasize her gender identity.

Disruption at the Event

The situation escalated when the man demanded gender certification, disrupting the event and targeting another girl with short hair, saying that she must be transgender too.

The child’s parents reported being subjected to derogatory comments, including false accusations and personal attacks.

The situation came under control when security took the man out of the grounds.

Distressed and Inconsolable

The parents said that the incident had a devastating impact on their child’s confidence and emotional well-being.

The parents shared that their daughter was inconsolable crying throughout the event and continued to feel distressed even after it had ended.

The verbal assault hindered her ability to concentrate on her track-and-field finals, which she had previously qualified for.

“Totally Unacceptable”

The Central Okanagan school district superintendent, Kevin Kaardal, swiftly condemned the incident, deeming it “totally unacceptable.”

She mentioned that steps are being taken to ban the perpetrator from all school-related events.

Kaardal emphasized the importance of adults governing themselves and behaving appropriately, reinforcing the need for respectful conduct within school and community settings.

The school district has not yet disclosed the identity of the individual involved.

Girls Under Scrutiny

Several Reddit and Twitter users shared their thoughts regarding the situation.

One Reddit user wrote, “Oh look, exactly what we’ve been warning about from the start: transphobia puts cis women and girls under more scrutiny and hurts them too. Now a little girl can’t have short hair without being harassed.”

Another user commented, “This is the goal for these vile conservatives. Endless abuse until death or Christian conformity.”

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Source: The Pink News