She Feared for Her Safety on a Recent Trip to Greece, but Her Friend Was Nowhere to Be Found. She Left the Trip and Now She’s Not Talking To Her

A Reddit user asked the community in a subthread if they were in the wrong after not seeming concerned enough for their friend after they claimed to be kidnapped while on vacation in Greece.

A Trip to Greece

The Original Poster (OP), a 33-year-old female, and her (ex) best friend Amy, also 33 years old, had been planning a trip to Greece since August of the previous year. As they reside in North America, the trip was a significant undertaking.

Upon arriving in Athens, the two women visited a bar on their first night where they encountered a charming bartender, whom they referred to as “CB.” While Amy conversed with a man, CB expressed interest in OP. OP was pleased with the attention.

They Had Been Drinking

OP and her friend had both consumed a significant amount of alcohol. OP excused herself to use the bathroom, and when she returned, her friend was nowhere to be found. Her friend sent a text message informing her that she had gone to another bar.

OP asked if she should come along, and her friend replied that it was up to her and that she would let her know the location. OP settled the bar tab as her friend had left without paying. She was left with only 10 €, but her friend had always had money, so it was never an issue.

After waiting for 25 minutes, OP’s friend had still not informed her of her location. With no money and nowhere to go, OP returned to the bar where she had encountered CB.

Her Friend Left the Bar Without Her

He offered to take her home if she was willing to wait. While they were leaving, OP’s friend finally texted her, expressing her desire to take four people back to their apartment. OP agreed and informed her friend that she was on her way as well.

Upon arrival at the apartment, OP received a text message from Amy, stating that she had left the bar and was currently in a taxi with a driver who did not speak English.

OP enlisted the help of CB to send the address to Amy in Greek. Amy and OP spoke on the phone, and despite Amy’s claims that she was safe, OP could sense that her friend was both intoxicated and frustrated.

She Tried to Get Her Home

OP advised her friend to pass the phone to the taxi driver, so that CB could provide directions in Greek, but her friend did not follow through.

Upon finally arriving at the apartment, OP’s friend informed her that she had already booked a different accommodation for the night and had plans to purchase a flight for the following day. 

OP attempted to engage in a conversation, requesting her friend not to leave, but her friend’s response remained that she could not explain the situation, and it was unrelated to OP. When OP inquired about the taxi driver’s behavior, her friend assured her that there was no issue and that it was not what she was thinking.

She Was Leaving

Despite OP’s efforts to understand, her friend began to pack her belongings and initiated an argument, blaming OP for not being there for her and expressing regret that their friendship was ending in such a manner. With anger building inside, OP demanded her friend leave the apartment.

Ten minutes after their argument, Amy began to bombard her phone with messages, expressing regret and a desire to explain what had happened. Amy claimed to be scared and in need of help because the taxi driver had attempted to kidnap her.

OP grew agitated, knowing that this was not true as she had been on the phone with Amy the entire time. Amy had made up similar stories in the past, and OP stopped responding to her messages and went to sleep.

She Was Telling Lies

Upon waking up, OP discovered additional messages from Amy apologizing and accepting responsibility for the situation. Amy expressed a desire to discuss the trip, but OP refused to engage in a conversation, telling her that while she was welcome to join the trip, OP would be traveling alone, except for sharing a room. Amy simply responded with “ok.” Later, OP learned from a friend that Amy had purchased a return flight.

Despite the argument, Amy spread rumors about OP, portraying her as a callous person who did not care about her friend’s safety. While OP was enjoying her trip to Greece, she began to feel guilty for not speaking with her friend since Amy had wanted to apologize. She wondered if she was the one in the wrong.

She’s Not a Good Travel Partner

A Reddit user suggests that the OP’s friend’s apology is insincere and advises her to distance herself from the friend. Another user comments that the friend’s lack of accountability makes her unsuitable to be a friend. Yet another Reddit user comments that the friend’s departure from the bar and lack of regard for personal safety indicates that she is not a good travel partner.

Another user theorizes that the friend may have been jealous of the attention OP received from the bartender. While other Reddit users call out the friend’s actions as attention-seeking and blame-deflecting. One user advised OP to move on and enjoy her time in Greece. The general consensus is that the OP is not at fault and that the friend’s behavior is problematic.

What do you think? Was OP in the wrong?

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