Monster Mother Attacked Emergency Room Worker Trying to Help Her Injured Son – Security!

This Redditor has a story to tell, and it involves a full-blown attack in the middle of a hospital! Picture this: Elliot, a hardworking individual just trying to do her job, suddenly finds herself at the center of a chaotic encounter with an irate woman. Let’s see what happens!

Outrageous Behavior in the Emergency Room

It all started when a woman, Blanche, accompanied by her teenage son, stormed into the emergency room. The boy had taken a nasty tumble while skateboarding, resulting in a dislocated knee and some gnarly scrapes on both legs.

The poor kid was clearly in pain, but little did Elliot know that her own pain was about to escalate.

Assigned to clean the boy’s wounds and ensure they were properly dressed, Elliot approached her task diligently. But before she could even begin, Blanche unleashed her fury, berating Elliot for even daring to touch her precious child without her explicit permission!

Elliot, not one to be intimidated, raised her head and fired back with a sharp retort, demanding an explanation for Blanche’s outrageous behavior.

The Arrogance Was Unreal

Unfazed, Blanche crossed her arms, tilted her nose skyward, and arrogantly declared that she hadn’t signed any waivers granting permission for her son to receive first aid.

In response, Elliot calmly reminded Blanche that she had indeed signed the necessary documents during the intake process. With a mix of annoyance and resignation, Blanche reluctantly conceded defeat, muttering a dismissive “fine” under her breath.

Elliot, momentarily regaining her composure, thought to herself, “This woman is about to get security called on her crazy self.” Little did she know just how prophetic that thought would be!

All Under Control

Determined to provide the best care for the boy, Elliot proceeded to clean his scraped knees. She could sense his discomfort as the antiseptic stung his wounds. Offering words of comfort, she said, “I know this hurts, but please try your best to hold still.” Elliot’s gentle touch eased the boy’s pain as she applied antibiotic ointment with a cotton swab.

Then came the crucial moment: dressing the wounds. Elliot opted for non-stick gauze pads and a sports bandage, determined to prevent any additional trauma to the boy’s sensitive skin when it came time for him to remove the bandage later. Satisfied with her work, Elliot sought validation from her head nurse, who examined the dressings and gave the nod of approval.

Finally, it seemed like things were under control.

Horrifying Mother

But alas, the calm was short-lived. As Elliot began cleaning up the area and restoring order to the room, Blanche launched herself forward, forcefully shoving Elliot out of the way!

Shocked and taken aback, Elliot could hardly believe what was happening. Blanche proceeded to tear off her son’s freshly applied bandages! The boy let out a horrified scream, his pleas for his mom to stop falling on deaf ears.


In a split second, adrenaline coursed through Elliot’s veins as she instinctively sprang into action. She grabbed Blanche by her shoulders, desperately trying to keep her at bay. With one hand firmly planted against the wall, Elliot fumbled for her radio, desperately calling for security as the chaos unfolded before her eyes. Blanche, relentless in her mission to cause mayhem, managed to snatch one of the bandages from her son’s leg before Elliot and the security guards intervened.

Amidst the madness, the boy cried and screamed, terrified by his mother’s alarming behavior. The security guards, acting swiftly, entered the room and wrestled with Blanche. She fought fiercely, kicking and screaming as they attempted to subdue her.

Protect Our Hospital Workers

In the midst of the commotion, the hospital’s director caught wind of the escalating situation. He rushed over, his face a mix of concern and disbelief, just in time to witness Blanche getting escorted away by police officers stationed at the hospital. The director demanded an explanation, and Elliot wasted no time in recounting the harrowing assault she had endured and Blanche’s attempt to strip her son’s wounds bare.

The director, visibly shocked by the entire ordeal, made it clear that he would not tolerate such outrageous behavior. Blanche was facing charges that ranged from assaulting a healthcare worker (Elliot) to assaulting two police officers, along with child endangerment and disturbing the peace. The hospital director vowed to take every necessary step to protect his staff and ensure a safe working environment for all.

Questioning Her Career

As Elliot reflected on the incident, she couldn’t help but question her career choice. It wasn’t the first time she had dealt with crazy patients, and she wondered if there might be a different path that would spare her from such volatile encounters.

Now Elliot has to make a decision. Will she let one person’s outburst define her future in medicine, or will she rise above it and make a difference despite the occasional storm of chaos? Only time will tell.

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