A Misogynistic Customer Wouldn’t Be Served by Her, Even Though He Was in Her Section

Ali, a seasoned restaurant worker, was taken aback by one man’s rude behavior and demeaning attitude toward her. 

She Prides Herself on Her Service

Ali has been working in the restaurant industry for the past nine years, and in her time as a server, she has encountered all sorts of people. She prides herself on providing excellent service and making her guests feel welcome. But one particular incident stands out to her, something that happened just over a year ago.

At the restaurant where Ali worked, they had a teamwork-based system in place. This meant that the servers would greet each other’s tables, run each other’s food, and clear each other’s tables. It was a great system that encouraged collaboration and helped ensure that guests received prompt and attentive service.

A Middle-Aged Customer

On this particular evening, Ali was serving a middle-aged couple. As another server was greeting the couple, Ali offered to take their drink orders. After the other server delivered their drink orders, Ali introduced herself and explained that she would be their main server for the evening.

The man, however, was adamant that the other server was his server and refused to be served by Ali. Ali tried to explain that the other server was just getting their drinks started and that she would be taking care of them for the rest of the evening, but the man wouldn’t budge.

He Wouldn’t Let Her Serve Him

Ali’s manager got involved, but even after she explained the situation, the man still insisted that the other server would only serve him. He even went so far as to say that Ali was “very rude” and that he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Ali was understandably upset. She knew she had done nothing wrong and couldn’t understand why this man was so difficult. Her manager was equally frustrated, but there was nothing they could do. The man was insistent, and they had to respect his wishes.

The other server, Alan, was already in the process of finishing up for the night, but he was called back to serve the difficult customer. Ali’s manager was angry that the man had caused such a disruption, and Ali was upset he had accused her of being rude.

He’s a Misogynist

As it turned out, the man had paid for his meal with a credit card. When Ali’s manager looked at the card, she saw the man’s full name. She decided to do a little investigating and looked him up on Facebook. She discovered that he owned a dentistry business and decided to check out his website.

To their surprise, they found that the man had only one review on his website, and it was a one-star review that accused him of being a misogynist! The review read, “Do not go here!! I was very uncomfortable around [the man] as he tried to hide his blatant misogyny.”

Ali and her manager were shocked but not surprised. They had suspected that something was off about the man’s behavior, and the review confirmed their suspicions. Ali couldn’t believe that she had been in the presence of someone who hated women so much.

A Hard Pill to Swallow

It was disheartening to know that someone who owned a business that served women could be so misogynistic. It was also Ali’s first encounter with someone who hated women.

She was upset at first, thinking that she had done something wrong, but then she realized that she could have done nothing to make the man like her. Even Alan had observed that the man did not let his significant other speak and would switch between calling her his girlfriend and his wife. It was clear that the man had issues that went beyond Ali’s service.

It was a frustrating experience for Ali, but she knew she had done everything she could. She couldn’t change the fact that he was a misogynist, but she could take comfort in the fact that she had stood up for herself and remained professional throughout the ordeal.

She Did the Best She Could

In the end, the man left the restaurant without incident, and Ali and her manager were left to wonder how someone like him could run a business where half of his clientele were women.

It was a sobering reminder that misogyny is still alive and well in the world and that even in the service industry, people like Ali have to deal with it on a daily basis. But she knew that she had the support of her colleagues and would continue to provide excellent service to all of her guests, regardless of their gender.

What do you think about this story? What would you have done in Ali’s situation?

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