His Tyrant Boss Forced Him Out of the Company, but He Didn’t Go Quietly. He Made Sure She Went Down as Well!

This tale of revenge is one that many people will have dreamed of. This guy took on his bully of a boss, and he eventually got his just desserts! Read on for the whole story.

He Loved His Job

Our protagonist, who we’ll call the OP (the original poster), had spent 15 years at a well-known Industrial Supply Wholesale company in the greater Chicago area – let’s call it XYZ company. 

He left on good terms in 2015, but after working in marketing for a few companies, he started to feel the itch to return to XYZ. He wanted something that worked better for his young family and wanted to get out of marketing with its crazy hours, deadlines, and extensive travel. 

So he applied for an admin role in the Inside Sales department at XYZ, something he had never done before but was willing to do anything to get back to XYZ.

He Had a Diverse Team

Fast forward to the beginning of his time at XYZ. OP supported four leaders as an admin, and while he got along great with two of them, the other two were a nightmare!

One of them, let’s call her Amanda, had a reputation for being tough to work with and had a habit of not keeping admins for long. Amanda had been at XYZ for years and had a history of throwing employees under the bus. 

She repeatedly blamed OP for her mistakes, and he had to start protecting himself by taking screenshots of everything he did for her. When she accused him of not submitting her expense report on time or messing up her calendar, he had proof in the form of screenshots. 

He Got the Blame for Her Mistakes

But despite this, OP’s boss still blamed him for the mismanagement and put him on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)! To make matters worse, there were no performance indicators for this PIP as there are no metrics for an admin role – so the decisions would be completely subjective! In effect, only their opinion of OP mattered, not his work performance or quality.

Fed up with the injustice, OP gave them a resignation letter instead of complying with the ridiculous PIP and left XYZ after putting in two weeks’ notice.

A few months later, OP found himself a stay-at-home dad, disappointed with what happened but glad to be away from XYZ. 

He Couldn’t Let It Go

However, he couldn’t let go of his anger toward Amanda and decided to seek revenge. He remembered a former coworker who had been promoted several times and was now a Senior Leader in HR at XYZ. He reached out to her, and with her help, he filed a complaint against Amanda. 

He found out that Amanda had been getting away with abusing employees and throwing coworkers under the bus for years, and the HR person in charge of Inside Sales was aware of it but never took any action. 

OP urged his former coworker to give his other colleagues a voice and look into the complaints people had previously filed against Amanda. He provided evidence from his own experience and from past complaints to show that she needed to be disciplined or even fired!

She Was Fired

A few weeks later, OP’s efforts paid off. Amanda was FIRED! It was the result of OP reaching out to XYZ HR and providing Senior Leadership with insight into what was really going on. 

They monitored Her for a week and interviewed team members who had complained; there was enough evidence to get rid of her. OP felt a sense of satisfaction knowing that actions have consequences and that Amanda couldn’t continue to abuse people at work without facing repercussions. 

However, the whole ordeal left a sour taste in OP’s mouth for XYZ, as he couldn’t believe that such toxic leadership had been allowed to persist for so long.

He Stood Up for Himself and His Colleagues

In the end, OP stood up for himself and his ex-colleagues and made a difference. Amanda had to pay the piper for her actions, and now she was unemployed, just like the people she had fired or forced out of the company. 

OP took satisfaction in knowing that he had brought justice to a toxic workplace and held a lousy leader accountable. He realized that sometimes, revenge could be sweet, especially when it involves standing up against injustice and fighting for people’s rights!

Redditors enjoyed this guy’s tale. One user succinctly said, “It wasn’t that senior management didn’t know what she was up to. It was that she got caught. Rats and sinking ships.”

What do you think about his story? It’s tough when your boss is a jerk, and while this guy’s tale isn’t 100% a happy ending, it’s impressive that he could make the workplace better for his ex-colleagues!

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