Adidas Used Hairy-Chested, Bulging, Male-Looking Model to Promote Women’s Swimwear – Inclusivity or Erasing Female Identity?

Sportswear giant Adidas has found itself at the center of controversy and calls for a boycott after releasing a new range of women’s swimwear featuring a model who appears to be a man. Here’s the full story.

Backlash Over Choice of Model

The company has been accused of “erasing women” and has become the latest target of conservative criticism regarding “woke” marketing strategies.

Adidas launched its “Pride 2023” collection, which includes a range of women’s swimsuits designed by South African designer Rich Mnisi to commemorate Pride Month.

However, the choice of a model has drawn significant backlash on social media.

The model’s gender identity remains unspecified, leading to questions and speculation about representation and inclusivity in the campaign.

Adidas Faced Criticism

The use of the male-presenting model in women’s swimwear has sparked widespread outrage and a trending hashtag #BoycottAdidas.

Prominent athletes, including U.S. swimmer turned women’s rights activist Riley Gaines, expressed their disappointment and criticized Adidas for erasing women and misrepresenting their needs.

Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene also joined the criticism, questioning the business rationale behind alienating the majority of consumers to cater to a minority population.

Tension Between Inclusivity and Disregarded Identity

Critics argue that companies should be more considerate in their messaging, ensuring that products marketed to women are not modeled by individuals who identify as women.

The controversy highlights the tensions between marketing inclusivity and the concerns of those who feel their experiences and identities are being disregarded.

The backlash against Adidas follows similar controversies involving other major brands. Nike faced criticism for partnering with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

Some Found Humor

Twitter users shared their opinions on the controversial swimwear campaign which went viral.

Some criticized Adidas for using men to promote women’s apparel, highlighting the presence of biological male features such as a hairy chest and a bulge.

Others found humor in the situation, joking that both Adidas and Nike were competing to see who could become “increasingly woke” and potentially alienate their consumer base.

Brands Erasing Women

One user wrote, “Hey Jesus if you’re listening, I’m ready to be beamed up now. I don’t think I’m suited to what your earthly realm has become.”

Another Twitter user commented, “If men want to wear gender non-conforming clothing, sure, go ahead. But if this is aimed at female swimmers, there are thousands of wonderful, athletic females Adidas could have paid to model this. Instead, they chose a man. Brands erasing women.”

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