After a Tragic Upbringing This Unwanted Son, Finally Got His Revenge 18 Years Later

He also knew he was an accident, and his parents kicked him out at 18. But after years of silence, his parents reached out to him to apologize at a reunion dinner. But was he ready to accept their apology?

A Tragic Upbringing

Being an unwanted child was an unfortunate reality for the Original Poster (OP). 

Born as an unplanned pregnancy, his parents chose not to abort as it was against their religion. 

As a result, OP essentially raised himself until he was kicked out at the age of eighteen. 

Despite the pain of rejection by his own family, he has found a sense of acceptance and peace.

Things Were Looking Up

About six months ago, his parents reached out, apologizing for how he was treated. 

Unsure about reopening the lines of communication, OP cautiously decided to give it a chance. Things seemed genuine until his parents extended an invitation to meet in person.

He arrived early at the restaurant where they planned to meet, expecting a quiet dinner and heartfelt conversation. He was in for a surprise. 

A Shocking Realisation

The whole place had been rented out for his father’s fraternity’s twenty-five-year reunion. 

Upon greeting his son at the door, his father insisted on pretending they had a happy family in front of his old friends. 

Trying to blend into the background, OP conversed with the children of his father’s friends. 

Revealing His Parent’s Dark Truth

They discussed their parents, and when asked about their eighteenth birthday gifts, OP wasn’t going to hide the facts and told them that he was kicked out after turning 18.

The awkward silence was broken by a concerned parent, exclaiming how awful the situation sounded. He then shared that he had moved in with his aunt while attending college.

His Embarrassed Father Hits Out

After the dinner, his father bombarded him with angry messages, accusing him of “embarrassing” him. 

The truth had reached his father’s friends, who were now being cold towards him. 

His father expressed frustration, believing that OP could have lied to save face and avoid jeopardizing his relationships.

OP muted his father’s messages and went to sleep for the night. 

A Hint of Doubt?

While initially feeling confident in his actions, doubts have begun to creep in. 

OP is concerned about whether his parents will want to maintain contact after he unintentionally disrupted his father’s connections with university friends. 

He took to Reddit to ask if he was in the wrong. Most users were quick to comfort him, applauding him for telling the truth, “Your dad tried to use you to look good in front of his buddies. The joke was on him because you told the truth.”

While some question whether OP still seeks his parents’ approval even though they treated him poorly, “it’s clear you are not at peace with what your parents did to you.”

Should the son have told the truth at dinner? Or should he have played happy families?

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