She Had to Sell Her House to Get Her Adult Son and His Family to Move Out!

Recently a woman took to Reddit to ask whether she was wrong for asking her son and his family to leave her home. Here’s the full story.

Her Son and His Pregnant Girlfriend Were Pregnant, Unemployed, and Homeless

The Original Poster (OP) is a 63-year-old living with her 67-year-old husband. Her story begins when her son’s girlfriend became pregnant during the pandemic.

After becoming pregnant, she moved in with her 38-year-old son, and his roommates weren’t happy.

His girlfriend was unable to or refused to obtain employment, and a few months later, he, too, lost his job, leaving him unable to pay the rent. His roommates left, and after seven months, they were kicked out. They now have an eviction on their record, bad credit, and thousands of dollars in credit card debt as a result of living off of credit cards.

They Took Them In

OP and her husband didn’t want her son and his GF to move in, but because his girlfriend was about to give birth, so they reluctantly took them in. OP said that her son had previously lived with them until he was 31.

They agreed to stay for around half a year until both of them found new jobs. They would contribute to the cost of electricity and credit card debt repayment and find a new home.

After six months, OP asked them to leave, but they refused. They said that no one would rent to them because of the eviction on their record. Plus, they said they didn’t have enough money for utility bills.

Their Time Was Up

As a result, OP and her husband had to pay extra for utilities and food, as her son and his family would eat whatever was in the refrigerator rather than go shopping for groceries.

OP initially volunteered to help them with infant expenditures like diapers, car seats, and others too, but OP is still paying for them almost a year later.

The son and his GF were working door dashes for a while, but they only worked for 3 to 4 hours per day.

OP persisted in urging her son to find full-time work, but he just became irate and accused OP of harassing him. His girlfriend is also incredibly messy and doesn’t tidy up after herself.

They Weren’t Budging

OP is irritated that they chose to have a child but won’t accept responsibility. OP says she has changed more diapers and fed her grandchild more frequently than her son and his GF.

The story took a turn as OP had planned to go to Chile, where she’s from, after she and her husband retired two years ago. They were supposed to sell the house last year but decided against it in favor of letting her son and his family stay. But now OP and her husband grew tired of having them around.

Her son and his GF refused OP’s repeated requests for them to leave, so OP decided to list her house for sale.

She Would Sell the House as She Had Originally Planned

Her son wouldn’t let OP into their room, so OP opted to sell it as is rather than renovate it first.

OP received a fair offer, closed over the weekend, and gave her son and his family two months to move.

However, OP’s son got angry, broke some ornaments, and raged at OP and her husband for throwing them out and disregarding him. But OP didn’t care about it and moved on.

She Forced Their Hand

Finally, her son and his GF and child had to move out and were temporarily homeless.

But, they are now staying with a friend, and they are only allowing them to do so through the end of the month. After that, they will need to make other arrangements.

OP’s son called and shouted at OP and threatened to never let her see her grandson again for throwing them out.

OP says her son couldn’t be an adult, get a job, and move out on his own without being forced, and OP is currently not sure whether she was wrong for what she did.

So, she took to Reddit to ask for opinions, and hundreds of comments poured in supporting OP.

One Redditor wrote, “Your son and his gf did this to themselves. 7 months is a long time to go before being evicted. They could have taken steps to get back on their feet. They did not. Once they moved in with you, they could have taken steps to pay off their credit cards and get back on their feet. They did not. It is unfortunate that a child is caught in the middle of all this because his parents are not willing to take responsibility for themselves.”

Another Reddit user commented, “Your son is 38 and needs to step up and be a freaking adult. You can’t live your life around him and his problems. Dude needs to grow up and handle his responsibilities.”

So what do you think? Did OP do the right thing here?

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