He Left This Entitled Woman Dumbfounded When He Refused to ”Pump Her Gas” Because She Was Way Out of Line

John Dorian, a dedicated emergency room worker, stopped to pump gas at a gas station on his way to work. However, things did not go as planned, and he soon found himself confronted by a rude and entitled woman!

A Shift Worker

John Dorian, an emergency room worker, had a long week ahead of him, with three 12-hour shifts at the hospital starting at 6 am every day. Knowing how exhausting those shifts can be, he always tried to complete all his errands before the first day of work so that he could come home and relax without any added stress.

However, last week was different. He had forgotten to fill his gas tank and didn’t realize it until he was already on his way to work. The low fuel light was on, and unfortunately, no gas stations were open nearby.

He Had to Make a Pit Stop

With no other option, John decided to take a chance and drove on the freeway to the nearest gas station. His truck was already making rattling noises, and he knew it could shut down at any moment without any fuel – luckily, he made it. However, where he lived in Oregon, it was illegal to pump gas, so he had to wait for the gas station attendant to arrive.

John waited for a few minutes outside, but there was no sign of the attendant. Worried and desperate to make it to work on time, he walked inside the store and called out for the attendant, but no one responded.

Anyone could have walked in and stolen anything, but he was left alone in the store. His truck was off, and he knew that he wasn’t going anywhere without some gas. With only 15 minutes to get to the hospital, he was running out of time. So, in a moment of desperation, he decided to pump the gas himself.

He Pumped His Own Gas

As he was pumping gas into his truck, a brand new silver Audi pulled up, and a middle-aged woman got out of the driver’s seat. John didn’t think much of it and continued to pump his gas, trying to finish as quickly as possible.

However, the woman interrupted him and demanded, “I need a fill of premium.” John initially ignored her, still trying to hurry up, get his gas, and make it to work on time. But the woman persisted, “EXCUSE ME. I NEED A FILL. OF. PREMIUM!”

At this point, John was running out of patience. He had dealt with angry people in the emergency room before, but something about the woman’s tone made him feel less than human.

She Spoke Down to Him

He couldn’t explain it, but it felt like she was talking down to him. No one had ever spoken to him like that before, and he decided to confront her instead of ignoring her as he should have.

“Lady, I can’t help you,” John said, his voice tinged with annoyance. Thankfully, his gas tank was almost full, so he was putting everything away and collecting his receipt as the woman stormed past him to go inside the store.

Like John, she too was confronted with an empty store and came back out, yelling, “I Need. My. Gas. Pumped – NOW!” John could hear her mutter under her breath, calling him a dumb bitch.

Finally, John had enough. He got in his truck, slammed the door shut, and started the engine. Fortunately, it started immediately.

If You Had of Been Nicer…

But he was so angry with the woman for calling him names and being so rude that he rolled down his window, looked at her, and said, “I don’t work here, lady. I just pumped my own, and I would have totally helped you had you not been so rude and nasty to me. Have a better day.”

John didn’t stick around to see her reaction. He had to get to work and didn’t want to be late. However, he couldn’t shake the feeling that the woman had learned nothing from their encounter. He had hoped that she had learned a lesson, but he doubted it.

Reflecting on the incident, John feels incredibly disrespected by the woman’s behavior. He has dealt with angry people at work, has been called every name in the book, and even had patients assault him, but he had never experienced someone talking to him like he was “less than a human being.”

Her Behavior Was Unacceptable

He believes the woman’s behavior is unacceptable and hopes others will learn to treat service workers with respect and kindness.

It’s easy to make assumptions about others based on their appearance or job title, but we must be mindful of how we treat others. We should always give people the benefit of the doubt and treat them with the respect they deserve.

It’s essential to remember that everyone has struggles, and we never know what battles someone may face.

What do you think of John’s tale? Do you think his words had any effect on her?

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