Her Customer Wouldn’t Take No for an Answer, so She Gave Him What He Asked For – Sort Of

When this young woman worked at a convenience store, she was confronted by an entitled customer. She did what she had to within the guidelines of the policy.

A Convenience Store Job

Pandora, a young woman in her mid-twenties, used to work at a convenience store that handled a lot of cash. The store had a sign stating that they only accept bills over $20 with manager approval, but in practice, they could accept them after using a detector pen and visual inspection.

They also had a policy that they had to keep the cash in the drawer under a certain amount. They had a safe system to make drops and get change, but it had limits and timers when dispensing. Depending on what was needed, it could take 30 minutes to make a change for a $100 bill.

The Graveyard Shift

Pandora was solo on the graveyard shift and kept her drawer low, so she didn’t have to request change often. The drawer had five slots for bills and five pockets for coins, but they only kept 1s, 5s, 10s, and 20s in the slots. Other bills and checks got put under until they had enough for a drop.

They used the extra coin pocket for dollar coins, half-dollar coins, coins people left (some people would tell them to keep the change), etc. If someone was a few cents short, they would use the spare change.

One night, one of their regulars came in and bought a bunch of stuff. He paid with Sacagawea dollar coins, which didn’t fit in the safe tubes, so Pandora had to keep them in the drawer. It was just over $100 in coins. She spread it out over all the slots so that one side wouldn’t get too heavy; the drawer would stick if it was too lopsided.

She Was Short on Change

She also made a lot of changes to payphones, air and water machines, people buying items to get change for laundry, etc. She was down to 3 $1 bills, the Sacagawea dollar coins, 0 quarters, a few dimes, some nickels, and a bunch of pennies.

A guy entered the store and approached the register with a 10-cent candy. He slapped a $100 bill on the counter. Pandora asked him if he will be getting anything else, and he said, “No.” She asked if he had anything smaller, and he said, “NO.” So she told him, don’t worry then, the candy is on the house; she could use the “have a penny, leave a penny” money.

He Was Offended

The guy got mad and said he wouldn’t take charity, and she needed to make a change for him. She tried to explain that she didn’t have the cash in her drawer and it would take 30 minutes to get the change, but he kept interrupting and not listening. He yelled, “You are required by law to take my legal tender and make change for me RIGHT NOW” All full of attitude and rudeness. So Pandora said, “OK.”

When she picked up the bill, the customer acted smug, like he won something. She pulled out her detector pen, and he started complaining and moaning. She used the pen in view of the camera. Then, she held the bill up to inspect it in view of the camera. She then put the bill in a safe tube to drop it. They were supposed to drop large bills on the graveyard shift before even opening the drawer, then make the slip and drop that after.

She Had a Plan

The customer was still standing there smugly, grumbling, as she entered the amount tendered into the register. Now the counter was raised, and the drawer was just below the counter, so it was out of reach of any customers unless they leaned over and reached. It also didn’t pop open like usual because of the weight of the coins.

She opened the drawer and pushed the three singles back into their slot so that the customer couldn’t see them. He was too busy making a show of how long he was waiting to notice that Pandora was pulling out all the coins from the drawer. After pulling out the change, mostly nickels, Pandora started to pull out the Sacagawea dollar coins and put them on the counter.

When the customer finally noticed them, he asked what they were, and Pandora told him, “I am required by law to accept the legal tender and make a change; you are required by law to accept legal tender as change. This is what I have available.”

He Was Outraged

The customer was outraged and demanded to know why Pandora hadn’t told him earlier that she didn’t have enough cash in her drawer. But Pandora explained that she had tried to explain the situation, but he had interrupted her and insisted on getting change right away.

The customer had no other option but to take the coins and leave, eventually gathering them up in his shirt and slinking off.

Pandora felt a sense of satisfaction as she watched the customer leave, knowing that she had complied with his request in a legal and malicious way! She had taken the customer’s entitled attitude and turned it against him, forcing him to take the coins.

Ultimately, she won the battle, and the customer learned a valuable lesson about treating others with respect.

What do you think about her revenge? What would you have done in Pandora’s situation?

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