Anti-Racism Theory Promoted in Schools Teaches Concepts of ‘White Privilege’ and ‘Unconscious Bias’

Schools across the UK are facing a takeover by organizations promoting controversial “anti-racism” theories, according to a recent report. Here’s the full story.

Tested to Access Bias

The report, conducted by the campaign group Don’t Divide Us, revealed that some classrooms are subjecting students to tests assessing their “unconscious bias”.

These surveys aim to gauge students’ understanding of concepts like “white privilege” and their response to scenarios such as a teacher mispronouncing the name of a Middle Eastern student.

Additionally, external provider Flair offers advice to school staff on making their institutions more inclusive.

This guidance includes implementing a “restorative justice approach” for individuals involved in offensive jokes or “micro-aggressions”.

Promoting Critical Race Theory

Flair is among many third-party organizations that provide staff training or lesson content based on contentious “critical race theory”.

This theory teaches concepts like white privilege and asserts that Britain is structurally racist.

Don’t Divide Us examined 49 organizations operating in English schools and found that all but one of them promoted critical race theory.

Through a Racial Lens

This discovery suggests that schools may be violating the Education Act, which prohibits the promotion of partisan political views and requires the presentation of opposing perspectives to maintain a balanced education.

Alka Sehgal Cuthbert, the author of the report, expressed concerns about the broader implications of this trend.

She emphasized that the professional development of teachers is increasingly seen through a racial lens rather than an educational one.

Furthermore, the definition of students’ success is being redefined in terms of their alignment with “anti-racist” ideologies.

Detrimental on Education

White students are judged on their level of allyship, while non-white students are expected to identify and report microaggressions.

Cuthbert argued that these beliefs, rooted in theories of “critical social justice”, have detrimental effects on education.

Rather than fostering intellectual curiosity, they encourage intellectual conformity.

Strong Views

Earlier this year, Rishi Sunak ordered an inquiry into sex education amid concerns about inappropriate material being taught and a lack of parental oversight.

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “Parents should withdraw their children from any school peddling this Lefty filth.”

Another user added, “Everything’s falling apart. The only question is how bad things will get.”

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