Armed Forces Brewing Company Expands to Virginia, Strengthening Its ‘Pro-American’ Brand Following Bud-Light Trans Backlash

Armed Forces Brewing Company’s Virginia expansion challenges Bud Light, capitalizing on perceived weaknesses and promoting military connections and pro-America values.

A Strategic Move

In an intriguing development that signals a direct challenge to industry giant Bud Light, Armed Forces Brewing Company has made a strategic move to establish its headquarters and first brewing facility in Norfolk, Virginia. 

Governor Glenn Youngkin enthusiastically welcomed the company, emphasizing the Commonwealth’s favorable business climate, strategic location, and the substantial military and veteran presence in the Hampton Roads region. 

This expansion is set to create 47 new jobs in the area, aligning with Armed Forces Brewing Company’s core mission of honoring the military and promoting pro-America sentiments.

A Military City

Armed Forces Brewing Company’s CEO, Alan Beal, expressed excitement about opening their flagship brewery and taproom in Norfolk, a city renowned for its sizable population of veterans, active-duty military personnel, and their families. 

Beal further praised Virginia as an ideal state for brewing operations, highlighting Governor Youngkin’s personal outreach and encouragement to explore the state’s opportunities.

This move solidifies Virginia as their home base, with a firm commitment to employing veterans and actively engaging with the patriotic community in Norfolk.

Advertising Blunders

The announcement comes as Bud Light finds itself besieged by a barrage of bad news, with plummeting sales and competitors strategically expanding their market presence, aiming directly at Bud Light’s major advertising missteps. 

In April, Ms. Mulvaney, a popular trans social media influencer with a significant following on Instagram and TikTok, shared a video promoting a Bud Light contest. 

The promotional post centered around a $15,000 giveaway sponsored by the company during March Madness, with Ms. Mulvaney mentioning receiving a personalized tallboy, can featuring her face to mark her “Day 365” milestone. 

Calls for Boycott

The promotion faced backlash, leading to calls for a boycott, supported by individuals known for their past attacks on the transgender community, such as musician Kid Rock. 

L.G.B.T.Q. individuals in the United States possess significant economic influence, with an estimated annual purchasing power of $1.1 trillion, as reported by LGBT Capital, a financial services company, in 2019.

As Bud Light experienced declining sales, Anheuser-Busch, the beer’s brewer, announced the temporary leave of absence of two executives in late April.

The company revealed plans in early May to refocus its marketing campaigns on sports and music.

Symbolic Maneuver

The fact that Armed Forces Brewing Company counts among its partial owners one of the veterans who participated in the mission to eliminate Osama Bin Laden, emphasizes its strong connection to military values and patriotic pride in America.

The expansion into Virginia serves as a powerful indication that numerous companies perceive vulnerability in Bud Light’s handling of its customer base.

Ongoing Market Battle

This move by Armed Forces Brewing Company is not simply about setting up a new facility, but rather a symbolic and strategic maneuver in the ongoing battle for consumer loyalty and market share. 

As Bud Light struggles with declining sales and mounting challenges, Armed Forces Brewing Company’s calculated entry into Virginia represents an opportunity to captivate consumers who seek an alternative brand that embodies integrity, patriotism, and a commitment to excellence.

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