American Workers in Financial Crisis: Are Biden’s Policies Squeezing Your Wallet and Jeopardizing Your Financial Future?

Despite a decline in the soaring inflation rates seen in previous years, a majority of American employees say they are feeling financially stressed, according to a recent Bank of America survey. The data reveals that 67% of workers believe their earnings are not keeping pace with the increasing cost of living. Growing Discontent This sentiment … Read more

“Rambling Is What Trump Does Best” – Ex-President Has a Bizarre Strategy to Get Through the Trial

Former President Donald Trump’s second deposition, held in April and recently released, has shed light on the ongoing $250 million civil fraud trial against him and his strange tactics for getting through the case. The Accusation In this deposition, New York Attorney General Letitia James aims to prove that Trump, his two oldest sons, and … Read more

Is There a Silver Lining as Youth Voter Engagement Soars? Biden, DeSantis, or Trump for 2024? Will Younger Generations Determine the Results of the 2024 Elections?

As the ripples of the 2024 presidential election begin to make waves, Change Research has dived into the depths of young voters’ minds, revealing some interesting findings. Political Divide Across Gender Lines The data casts light upon the perspectives of 1,033 voters aged 18-34. Conducted from August 25 to September 1, the participants presented a … Read more