Boomers Reveal 11 Life Lessons No Millennial Will Want to Hear

Millennials have grown up experiencing challenges that are unique to their generation.

Navigating new technology and a rapidly changing world can be intimidating and overwhelming, so learning life lessons is essential for persevering through tough times.

With that in mind, there is no one better suited to offer advice than those who have been there and done it—someone from a previous generation, the Boomers.

I will share 11 invaluable Boomer life lessons from someone experienced in making lemonade when life throws you lemons!

#1. Appreciate Life’s Small Things

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As Baby Boomers, many of us remember what life was like before technology dominated the way we lived and interacted with one another.

We recall a time when conversations around the family table or friendly debates were more common than swiping through social media feeds – and that sense of in-person connection is something Millennials are missing.

But it’s not all doom and gloom; even though technology has primarily become our primary form of communication, there are still plenty of small things to appreciate in life that can contribute to our overall well-being.

#2. Live Within Your Means

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Fiscal responsibility is integral to a successful financial life, and Millenials need to understand the concept of ‘living within your means.’

This phrase may seem like an everyday idiom, but taking its meaning to heart can be essential in avoiding unnecessary debt accumulation and cultivating good fiscal habits – allowing you to achieve greater wealth in the long run.

For Baby Boomers who have already built solid economic foundations throughout their lifetime, understanding this principle can encourage them to form something similar for their younger family members or even grandchildren.

#3. Save for a Rainy Day

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With the average person facing more financial uncertainty than ever before, Boomers are often drawing on their decades of experience to offer advice to members of younger generations.

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One oft-cited piece of wisdom is “save for a rainy day” – there’s no denying this saying still holds in today’s precarious environment.

Millennials face an array of life decisions, understanding why saving is essential and can make all the difference when navigating these unknown economic waters.

#4. Don’t Think You Know it All

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It’s natural for any generation to think they know more than their predecessors. Millennials have good reason to say that today’s technology, economy, and culture have surpassed that of past generations.

However, when it comes to experience and knowledge, there exists a wealth of wisdom that Baby Boomers can draw on.

Whether finding humility in decision-making, seeing the bigger picture before jumping in, or realizing mistakes can lead to growth than failure, Boomers have a unique and valuable perspective from which Millenials can learn.

#5. Choose Friendship Over Competition

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Millennials have grown up in a world of cut-throat competition, the race to get ahead, to be better than their peers.

Society has ingrained the belief that success is only possible through outdoing one’s rivals. This Boomer’s advice is to let go of this belief system. 

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Plenty of evidence suggests fostering close relationships with others offers the potential for greater success later in life, including more fulfilling and lasting career opportunities. 

#6. Practice Integrity, Honesty and Civility

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Good manners and civility have always been highly valued traits, but they’re becoming less common but increasingly important in the highly competitive 21st century.

Millennials are particularly responsible for upholding these values due to the speed with which technology is changing our lives and careers.

Integrity, honesty, and civility can promote trustworthiness amongst coworkers, creating cohesion and collaboration in a dynamic work environment.

Practicing attributes such as relationship building or utilizing empathy when solving problems can significantly benefit a Millennial professional and personal life.

#7. Be Patient When Working On Big Goals

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It can be challenging for Millenials to remain focused and patient on their long-term goals in the face of today’s fast-paced, instant-gratification world.

This fact is especially true when those goals involve significant commitments of time or money that may take years to come to fruition.

However, taking a step back and remembering the wisdom Boomers have developed over time can help motivate younger individuals toward success.

As someone who has faced significant life tests, I’ve realized the value of patience in oneself and those around me.

#8. Prioritize Self-Care

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As Baby Boomers, we grew up in an era where it was seen as a negative to put oneself first and practice self-care.

However, times have changed since our younger years; now more than ever, Millenials need to prioritize taking care of their bodies and minds.

With the pressures that come with work and life stressors, self-care plays an essential role in physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Self-care allows you to stay healthy mentally & physically—this includes avoiding burnout by taking longer than normal breaks from work when necessary & balancing work/life responsibilities better.

#9. Continue to Give Back

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Something that, as a Boomer, we can learn from Millenials. It has become increasingly common for Millennials to find meaning in their lives by giving back to their communities.

Whether through donating time or money, this generation of young adults is more interested in positively impacting the world than ever before.

As Boomers continue to witness the effectiveness of Millennial volunteerism and charity work, many wonder whether our generation should give back to the community more than we have.

#10. Set Boundaries

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This century has been a time of increased pressure for young people. From educational expectations to increasing work demands, Millennial adults constantly need to prove themselves and excel above all else.

But this focus on ambition can lead to burnout—which is why it’s so essential for Millennials to set boundaries between their personal and professional life.

As Boomers who have lived through multiple generational transitions, you know from first-hand experience that balance and self-care are essential for success.

#11. Trust Your Instincts

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As a Boomer, I remember how important it was to listen to my elders and consider their advice. But times are changing.

Younger generations can benefit from learning how to trust their instincts rather than relying solely on the wisdom of those before them.

Millennials often feel overwhelmed by shrinking job markets and increasing tuition costs, so it’s understandable that they’d be cautious about taking risks or trying something new.

So use common sense plus knowledge garnered from past experiences (or mistakes) as trust-worthy tools into making decisions quickly yet responsibly.

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