Clueless Boss Gives Overtime the Go Ahead and the Staff Take FULL Advantage!

This story is about Hamish, a young man who finds himself caught up in a sudden adventure during the holiday season. When an opportunity for overtime presented itself, Hamish and his fellow coworkers seized the chance, embarking on a wild ride of extra shifts and unexpected rewards.

The Unexpected Holiday Schedule

Let’s go back a couple of years to when Hamish was just a young lad of 19 or 20.

He had landed a job at a local superstore while juggling college life. Being a cashier was far from glamorous, but Hamish took it in stride; after all, it could have been worse. His immediate manager had his back and shielded the cashiers from the higher-ups.

As the days passed, the inevitable holiday season drew near, and Thanksgiving week was on the horizon. Hamish had scored a week off from college to celebrate the holidays, but his joy was short-lived as he saw he was scheduled for a juicy 40 hours of work that week, with no escape from working on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Usually, Thursdays were his days off, but alas, Thanksgiving had other plans.

Strict Overtime Prohibitions

Now, a quick heads-up before diving into the main tale: the store Hamish worked for strictly prohibited overtime.

They went to great lengths to avoid paying extra, offering extra lunches, or sending employees home early instead. Overtime was rare for the “enlisted” workers, and management, being salaried, hardly gave out more than 38 hours to the folks on the front lines.

As a major superstore catering to everything from groceries to electronics, the holiday season meant a crazy amount of work. Energy was low, and everyone dreaded the impending madness.

This was Hamish’s first time on the retail frontlines during the holidays, and he had heard all the horror stories that came with it.

The Manager’s Grim Announcement

Then, one Monday, the store manager David gathered the workers for a quick announcement.

He painted a grim picture, saying they were behind schedule and had a ton of work to do. But there was a glimmer of hope: he was authorizing any and all overtime across all departments until Sunday. He wanted the cover, so if anyone wanted to work, they were welcome to do so.

A Labor Law-Defying Overtime Spree

The phrase that David used was, “If an employee wants to work a shift, let them work.” And oh boy, did they want to work.

Everyone went wild. Hamish pulled off six double shifts that week. Some even parked their RV in the store’s parking lot and went on a labor law-defying overtime spree!

The number of hours people worked was through the roof. Hamish even pulled such a long shift that his manager gave him three lunch breaks.

The Wild Dash for Hours

It was a mad dash to squeeze every possible hour and cent of overtime out of that week.

Hamish went from a 72-hour paycheck to one that had about 118 hours, with roughly 42 hours of overtime at 1.5x pay! 

And if working on Thanksgiving wasn’t enough, Hamish and the other workers were given a single-use 25% off coupon to use in the store on a big order.

Since he splurged on stuff to buy in the store using his overtime-boosted paycheck, it felt like earning an extra 25% on top of it all.

Corporate Confrontation

Management allowed it to happen, and nobody questioned David during that week; he remained secluded in his office.

But two days later, corporate suits showed up and gave him a verbal lashing when they realized what he had authorized. Maybe David realized his mistake early on, but it was too late – the damage was done, and they had barely managed to get ready for Black Friday.

David got yelled at, and in turn, shouted at a couple of managers. He questioned why they let the workers go on an overtime frenzy, but their response was simple: “If an employee wants to work a shift, let them.”

They dropped the matter immediately, and it was clear that such a thing would never be allowed again. The policy would return to its old ways.

A Shopping Spree to Remember

For Hamish, though, it was a different story.

He used his hard-earned extra cash to buy a new TV, stock up on groceries for over a month, get Christmas gifts for everyone, replace his car battery, buy two new tires, and indulge in some random treats for himself!

It was worth it, and he would do it all over again without a second thought.

And that’s the tale of Hamish’s wild overtime adventure, where the opportunity for extra work and a little holiday shopping spree made it a week to remember.

Have you ever had to work through Thanksgiving? How was it?

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