This Woman Has a Full Blown Argument With a Cat as It Tried to Convince Her to Let It In!

A cat with a strong penchant for arguments has become an internet sensation after a video of the feline expressing its discontent on a woman’s porch went viral on social media last week.

An Argumentative Cat

The video, originally shared on TikTok by the homeowner under the username Jacglobalinc, also known as Justina A Collins, showcases a gray cat fervently arguing with her as she’s recording.

In the video, Justina explains that she is unable to keep the cat due to already having pets.

She can be heard addressing the cat, saying, “You can say whatever you want to say, but you’re at the wrong house! You have to go! Don’t ever come near my house again! I have my own pets! We didn’t ask for you! You better get off my porch!”

Not Taking No for an Answer

Accompanying the amusing post is a caption exclaiming, “OMG!!! I have never seen this before!!!! This cat is really argumentative!!! LIKE!!! What in the WORLD!! It HAS TO GOOOOOOOOOO!”

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a cat’s meow is its way of communicating with people. They may meow for various reasons, such as greeting, requesting, or indicating something wrong. 

Meowing Just for People

Interestingly, adult cats typically do not meow at each other but reserve this communication for humans.

The video swiftly gained traction on social media, capturing the attention of TikTok users worldwide. It has amassed over 16.2 million views and garnered 18.4 million likes on the platform.

In a lighthearted jest, ObHc quipped, “The kitty read the welcome sign.”

Michelle chimed in, stating, “Ma’am, he’s got beef with you.”

TikTokers Loved It

In another video, she explained in detail why she couldn’t keep the cat. “I don’t know if this cat has been vaccinated and up to date.”

“When you have other pets, you can’t just bring in other animals just off the street like that,” she explained further.

In a third video, she shows the cat waiting at the front door again, but this time she’s showing her other two cats from inside. She asks her cats, “Did you invite her in here?” 

Her cats are upset and on edge as they crouch next to the doorway where the stray cat is. 

“Oh, he’s not a stray. He has on a collar! He’s coming for drama,” one commenter wrote. 

“While watching this, both of my cats took off and left the room! True story. They didn’t want any part of that cat either!!” another user added.

What do you think? Have you heard cats make this sound before? What does it mean?

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