7 Facts You Need to Know About the Royal Line of Succession

royal line of succession

In the wake of the queen’s death, many people have asked themselves, “who’s next for the throne?”  While the short answer is that King Charles III comes next, there’s much more to the royal line of succession than that.  The Royal Line of Succession Here are eight must-know facts about the royal line of succession. … Read more

Check 4 Charts That Show What Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Means for America

Student Loan

Stacker originally published this excellent article wherein they tackled Biden’s student loan forgiveness. We were given permission to republish the post here. Like crumbling infrastructure or rising gas prices, student loan forgiveness is one of those far-reaching political issues that affect a huge swath of Americans. Close to 1 in 5 Americans have student loans. … Read more

How Generations Differ in Credit Card Usage

Credit Card

Experian discussed how credit card usage differs by generation in this informative article. They gave us permission to republish it here. Younger Americans are racking up credit card debt faster than older generations. In the time since the U.S. economy came to a pandemic-induced halt in the spring of 2020, their credit card debt has … Read more

America Needs More Homes, so Why are Builders Cutting Back?


Stacker originally published this great post on America needing homes and tackled why builders are cutting back. We received permission to republish it here. The U.S. is short nearly 4 million homes, according to an analysis published in May 2021 by the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, commonly known as Freddie Mac. New construction was … Read more

10 Stats That Explain the State of Digital Currencies and Assets Today

Digital Currencies and Assets Today

This article on stats explaining the state of digital currencies and assets was originally published on Pennyworks. We were given permission to republish it here. Cryptocurrency burst into the American lexicon in the late 2000s as an alternative to central bank-regulated fiat currencies. More than a decade later, the nascent digital currency is coming into its … Read more

12 Least Affordable States for Renters

Least Affordable States

Foothold Technology looked at the affordability of rent in each state, based on an analysis conducted by the National Low Income Housing Coalition. Full-time workers are feeling the pinch in today’s rental market. A nationwide housing shortage and skyrocketing property values—coupled with fewer pay raises for the general working population in recent decades—are fueling a squeeze … Read more

5-Year Car and Home Price Trends Comparison You Should Check

Car and House Price Trends

This excellent article on car and home price trends comparison was originally published on Get Jerry. They gave us permission to republish it here. For many, the thought of purchasing a reliable vehicle that doesn’t break the bank can feel like a pipe dream. Prices have been rising steadily since 2017, and until automakers overcome … Read more

10 of the Nation’s Favorite Autumn Movies

autumn, fall

Fall is here so get into the mood with these autumn movies. This post has been published by C Nation and we are permitted to republish it here. Are you ready for the autumn/fall season? Reddit is, and they have the best suggestions for movies to get you in the autumn mood.   It started when … Read more

How Queen Elizabeth II Blazed a Trail in Pop Culture?

queen elizabeth II

This article on Queen Elizabeth II and pop culture was written by Rasha Ally and originally published on Wealth of Geeks. They gave us permission to republish it here. The world lost so much more than a Queen on September 8. Queen Elizabeth II was an international icon, having ruled for longer than any other … Read more