Caught on Camera: DoorDash Driver Stole Our Dog!

This woman’s video involving a DoorDash driver stealing her dog recently gained widespread notoriety. The video has sparked a flurry of discussions, sympathies, and speculations as the search for the missing pet continues.

Caught on Camera

A woman’s TikTok video has garnered significant attention after she made a startling allegation that a DoorDash driver stole her beloved dog while delivering food to her neighbor.

The incident, which took place on January 2, unfolded as Ronnita, known as ronnitabhuff on TikTok, captured the troubling moment on camera.

In the video, Ronnita expressed her outrage, addressing the alleged thief directly, saying, “Dear DoorDasher that decided to steal my dog on the first day of the year: I got it on camera, and I’m on the phone with DoorDash. I know he got out of the gate, but you could have knocked. You put the dog in your car.” 

Viral Video

With 622,000 views and counting, the clip quickly went viral, drawing attention and concern from social media users. Following the initial video’s popularity, Ronnita shared a more detailed account of the incident in a subsequent TikTok post.

According to her explanation, her husband became suspicious when they realized their dog was missing from their backyard. Upon reviewing their home’s security cameras, they were shocked to witness the delivery driver grabbing their dog from the driveway. 

Their Beloved Pet Was Stolen

Ronnita described the sequence of events, stating, “The dog was in the driveway… and then [the delivery driver] grabbed the dog. It looked like she took a picture or something. And she put him in her car and pulled off.”

Rather than immediately contacting the police, Ronnita and her husband chose to reach out to DoorDash, assuming that the company would have access to the driver’s information. In an effort to retrieve their beloved pet, they enlisted the assistance of the DoorDash legal team. 

Vowed to Get the Dog Back

While DoorDash informed them that the driver had been terminated, Ronnita expressed her dissatisfaction, believing that more needed to be done. She asserted, “We’re going to go the full mile. We’re going to get our dog back.”

In response to Ronnita’s TikTok videos, many viewers speculated on the driver’s motives, suggesting that she may have mistaken the dog for a lost pet and turned it over to a local shelter. One TikTok user commented, “Have you checked at the local shelter? Hopefully, the Dasher truly thought it was lost and turned it over to your local shelter.” 

Another user expressed a similar sentiment, saying, “Maybe she thought the dog was lost and gave him to the shelter. I hope y’all get him back.” The possibility that the driver acted out of concern for a seemingly lost dog prompted suggestions to check local shelters in person.

Still Missing

As of the time of writing, Ronnita and her husband have yet to locate their missing dog, despite their ongoing efforts and engagement with DoorDash. The incident has captivated the online community, highlighting the potential risks and concerns associated with trusting strangers in service industries and serving as a reminder to pet owners to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions to ensure the safety of their beloved companions.

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