Robert F Kennedy Claims Poppers Caused Aids Deaths and Toxic Chemicals are Causing Depression and Gender Identity Confusion

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the presidential hopeful seeking the Democratic nomination for the 2024 US election, has recently stirred controversy with his unfounded claims about Trans children and the supposed link between poppers and AIDS. Here’s the full story.

Conspiracy Theories

Two videos, which resurfaced on social media this month, captured Kennedy making the assertions, drawing significant attention and fueling a debate around his conspiracy theories.

In one video shared on Twitter, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. can be seen addressing a crowd, suggesting that poppers were the primary cause of death during the early years of the AIDS epidemic.

Poppers refer to a widely available and legal inhalant that can relax sphincter muscles.

Disproved the Connection in 1980’s

Kennedy repeated a theory popularized in the early 1980s when researchers had not yet identified the HIV virus. However, more recent and extensive studies have thoroughly disproven any connection between poppers and the virus or AIDS.

Contrary to Kennedy’s claims, experts have established that poppers do not lead to AIDS.

Kennedy’s assertion that 100% of the initial AIDS-related deaths were among those addicted to poppers lacks scientific evidence and ignores the diverse range of individuals affected by the epidemic.

Further Claims

In another video, during an interview with controversial author Jordan Peterson, Kennedy expresses his belief that chemical exposure is responsible for issues such as depression and “sexual dysphoria” in children, particularly boys.

He claims that young individuals are “swimming through a soup of toxic chemicals” and specifically mentions the herbicide atrazine as a causative agent.

Kennedy points to a study from 2010 that explored the causes of a global decline in amphibian populations, suggesting a connection between atrazine exposure and changes in sexual characteristics.

An Embarrassment

However, The US National Pesticide Information Center has stated that atrazine is considered “low in toxicity” when inhaled or ingested and does not cause genetic alterations or damage in humans or animals.

The videos have gone viral on Twitter receiving thousands of comments.

One Twitter user wrote, “Dangerous Alex Jones-like stuff. And I keep saying this: a conspiracy nutter rarely stops at one conspiracy theory.”

Another user commented, “This man is an embarrassment to the Kennedy family.”

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