10 Issues That Shouldn’t Be Debated Today, But Still Are

Can you think of an example of something that has been considered controversial but, in your opinion, shouldn’t be?

Some examples that come to mind are breastfeeding in public, not circumcising a child, and food preferences such as gluten-free.

A Reddit user recently asked, “What are some things that are controversial but shouldn’t be?” These were the top responses.

1. Just Saying No

One user shared that simply saying no, instead of “coming up with an excuse” is important.

Another user stated that providing an excuse allows, “them to argue why you should do the thing they are asking.” A third added that often, an explanation taken, “not a polite courtesy but rather the start of a negotiation.”

2. Talking About Wage or Salary

One Redditor said that discussing your salary or wage, they went on, “People who make fun of you for your income aren’t worth your time, and sharing income can help everyone involved to make more.”

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3. The Dunning-Kruger Effect

Another popular contribution was the, “Dunning-Kruger effect.” They said, “Expert opinion combined with social media, has led to the concept that an untrained person’s opinion is equal to an expert’s knowledge because they are equally as loud now.”

4. Women’s Menstruation

One contributor said, menstruation, “It’s still taboo to even talk about in most countries.” Another Redditor replied in agreement to say, “It’s something that happens to half of the human population every month!”

5. Changing Your Opinion Should Be Celebrated

One response was to say, “Changing your opinion when presented with new information. It doesn’t help that people known to have had a different view in the past are called hypocrites by their detractors.”

Another Redditor added, “That’s not what hypocrisy is; you must concomitantly favor something in some instances and against it in others, depending on how it benefits you, to be a hypocrite. But does that stop them? No.” 

6. Saying You Don’t Like Something

Another contributor shared, “Saying you don’t like something, and everyone just about bites your head off.”

They continued, “It happens a lot on food questions here. It’s annoying. Someone will say they don’t like mushrooms, and the next ten replies will be, ‘But have you tried’ “Bro, you need to cook them like…” “Mushrooms are good, dude. Here’s my grandma’s recipe.”

7. Sex Education

One contribution said, “Sexual education for young adults and teens. Maybe even younger.

When you say sex ed, people assume I’m saying teach kids how to do it. No. I’m saying teach children what consent is, so they know to say no to the creepy uncle or babysitter that tries something.”

“Teach them the names of their body parts so if God forbid something were to happen to them, they can name what happened and get that sicko behind bars,” added another.

8. Talking About Euthanasia

“Euthanasia.” said one response. They added, “I don’t understand why we should keep extremely old or sick people until the end. It’s much more heartbreaking to keep them alive just for the sake of it.”

“Especially people with heavy Alzheimers, it’s extremely devastating,” another replied.

9. Men Voicing Emotions

“We’re either too closed off or too emotional,” one man commented. Another added, “Her: “It’s OK for you to open up and discuss your emotions with me. Me: OK, I’m going to open up. Here’s what I’m struggling with. Her: STOP TRAUMA DUMPING. WOMEN AREN’T YOUR THERAPISTS”

“It freaking hard to try and teach emotional health at home!! I’ve got three boys (14, 7, and 6), and trying to teach them how to handle big feelings in a good way is hard when everything around them is saying the opposite. But big emotions aren’t bad if they’re handled appropriately.”

10. Respecting Others People’s Jobs

“Respecting people in ‘dirty’ or ‘lower’ jobs,” one shared. “I’m a custodian, and for years I worked in schools. The teachers who were nice/respectful to us often got comments from their coworkers asking why they did that, especially when they did simple things to help us out, like pulling the trash for us when we were highly short-handed or picking up all the big trash off the floor daily.”

What are your thoughts, are there things that you believe shouldn’t be controversial that aren’t on that list but should have been?

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