Couple Break In to Their Home, Assault a Child and Use Racist Remarks to Teach the Kids a Lesson!

A brazen home invasion is captured on video as a woman and her companion break into a house, assault a child, and attempt to justify their actions, resulting in their arrest and charges of trespassing and assault.

Assault and Racist Remarks

In a disturbing turn of events, a woman and her companion took matters into their own hands by unlawfully entering a house to confront a group of kids who allegedly made offensive gestures towards them. The situation quickly escalated as the woman physically assaulted one of the children and hurled racist remarks, leaving everyone involved stunned.

The entire incident was captured on video by one of the kids, who bravely shared it online. The footage swiftly went viral, leading to the arrest of the woman and her companion on charges of trespassing. 

Teaching Them a Lesson

The story took an even more unsettling turn when the kid received a text message from the male companion, attempting to justify their shocking actions as a misguided attempt to impart a lesson about the consequences of disrespectful behavior.

The text message read, “So we decided to confront them not to hurt them in anyway, but to protect them because you never know who you’re going to flip off and we wanted to make it clear to them that if they flip off the wrong person there could be consequences, it’s a crazy world we live in, our lawyer looked at their original video before they edited it, and looked at our original video and shook his head because he couldn’t believe that we were being charged these ridiculous charges!”

A Disturbing Incident

Instead of teaching the importance of treating others with respect, this disturbing incident demonstrated that the couple thought breaking into someone’s home and assaulting a child is somehow justified when one feels provoked. It is a lesson that no one should be teaching, and certainly not one that anyone should be learning.

Swift Justice Was Served

The widespread dissemination of the video ensured swift justice, with the woman and her companion now facing legal repercussions for their reprehensible behavior. They stand accused of trespassing and assault, and the severity of their actions suggests that they may be facing serious consequences for their disturbing choices.

This incident serves as a stark reminder that resorting to illegal and violent methods to address perceived grievances is never acceptable. It highlights the need for empathy, understanding, and peaceful resolution in our interactions with others, especially when dealing with conflicts or misunderstandings.

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