His Neighbors Had Problem Cats, So He Formed a Cunning Plan – You Won’t Believe This One!

The Feathered Defence Squad provide a safe space for tweety bird and friends and offer one man a touch of sweet retribution. These troublesome neighbors would never guess that he had the ultimate back up team on his side! 

Nightmare Neighbors

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Alfred’s nightmare neighbors have caused havoc in the neighborhood – engaging in activities that range from borderline illegal to downright unlawful.

He Found Comfort in Bird Watching

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But this tale focuses on a less grave offense – one that hits close to Alfred’s heart. You see, Alfred, being a relatively new bird enthusiast with a sprawling yard full of majestic pine and oak trees, finds comfort in observing any feathered visitors through his trusty birding scope.

Watch Out, Pussy Cat!

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However, his peaceful bird-watching sessions faced a constant threat – the presence of stray cats in the area.

Predator vs Birdie

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Alfred was well aware of the predatory nature of these feral felines. Even when not hungry, they would mercilessly hunt and attack the birds, turning his peaceful yard into a hunting ground.

His Yard Was Used as a Litter Box!

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Moreover, the strays shamelessly used his yard as their personal litter box, leaving behind an unsightly mess. Determined to protect his beloved birds, Alfred took it upon himself to keep these horrid felines away.

Cat Food Discovery

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Now, let’s turn our attention to a fateful incident that sparked Alfred’s petty revenge. It happened about two weeks ago when Alfred stumbled upon a small container of cat food on his property, situated tantalizingly close to the boundary of his neighbors’ domain.

Seriously Suspicious

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What made it suspicious was the fact that his neighbors didn’t even own a cat. In fact, they cruelly left their feline companion trapped in their house, which they intentionally set ablaze to claim insurance money!

Heroic Rescue

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Fortunately, Alfred had come to the rescue, saving the poor kitty and finding it a loving home. So, the discovery of that cat food container near his neighbor’s property felt all too peculiar.

Innocent? He Thought Not

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Although it could have been an innocent coincidence, given their track record, Alfred couldn’t help but suspect their involvement.

Neglectful Pet Owners

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These neighbors had proven themselves to be neglectful and irresponsible pet owners, always eager to acquire more animals while failing to care for the ones they already had.

Cat Alarm

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Fuelled by frustration and a desire to protect his feathered friends, Alfred decided to take matters into his own hands.

He concocted a cunning plan – an ingenious natural cat-alarm system that would ensure the “stray” cats his neighbors claimed weren’t theirs would never dare trespass into his yard again.

How Would He Do It?

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And how did he achieve this seemingly impossible feat? He turned to the aid of the most unlikely allies – crows.


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Alfred had observed the territorial behavior of crows that frequently visited his yard. These intelligent creatures were known for their problem-solving skills and adaptability. Building upon this, Alfred formed a bond with these smart creatures.

Forming a Bond

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He began offering them treats as tokens of appreciation whenever they stayed within the vicinity of his yard. The crows quickly grasped the concept and became an integral part of Alfred’s grand plan.

Yard Patrol 

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They patrolled his yard diligently, surveying for any signs of the strays. Upon spotting a trespassing cat, these crow warriors would swoop down, unleashing a flurry of wings and caws, successfully chasing the intruders away.

Effective Allies

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Their presence created a ruckus that specifically targeted Alfred’s neighbors, leaving the rest of the neighborhood undisturbed. Alfred marveled at the intelligence and dedication of his newfound allies.

So Effective

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Since implementing this feathered defense squad, Alfred has achieved remarkable results. Not a single stray cat had dared to venture into his yard, and the presence of those mysterious cat food containers became a thing of the past.

Trespassers Taught Lesson

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The crows had proven to be the ultimate deterrent, teaching the felines a valuable lesson – trespass at your own risk. With the crows on guard, Alfred’s yard became a sanctuary for his beloved birds once again.

Should He Have Just Spoken to Them?

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Now, some might argue that Alfred should have confronted his neighbors directly to address the issue at hand. However, Alfred had his reasons for choosing the path of petty revenge.

Satisfying Smart Plan

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He got a certain satisfaction from outsmarting his neighbors, especially in the knowledge that his ingenious plan had not only protected his crow friends but also inconvenienced the very individuals who had caused him so much frustration.

Avoided Conflict

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Alfred’s tale of petty revenge against his troublesome neighbors showcases the power of creative thinking and determination.

Instead of resorting to direct confrontation or futile attempts at reasoning, he found a clever and entertaining way to protect his cherished birds and give his neighbors a taste of their own medicine.

He Collaborated With Nature

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The collaboration between Alfred and the crows not only proved effective in keeping the strays at bay but also brought a sense of satisfaction and amusement to his daily life.

Don’t Accept Mistreatment

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Sometimes, taking the high road doesn’t mean turning a blind eye to injustice or accepting mistreatment. It’s about finding alternative solutions that allow us to stand up for ourselves without stooping to the level of those who wrong us.

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