Richest Soccer Players and Their Net Worth

richest soccer players

You may be wondering who the richest soccer players are, if so, check out this post from Stacker. We are republishing it here with their permission. Between a Netflix docuseries and a metaverse game in the works, the celebration of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is just the latest reminder that soccer is the most popular sport … Read more

Top 20 States That Collect the Most in Property Taxes

Property Taxes

This article on US property taxes discussing the states that collect the most in property taxes. It originally appeared on Stacker and we received permission to republish it here. Real estate platform ZeroDown examined data from the Census Bureau’s annual State Government Tax Collections Survey to see how much money states collect in property taxes. It’s important to … Read more

7 Cities with Fastest Growing Home Prices in Pueblo Metro Area

Cities with the fastest growing home prices in Pueblo metro area

This article discusses the fastest growing home prices in Pueblo Metro was written by Stacker. We are publishing it here with their permission. It goes without saying that the coronavirus pandemic has sparked a wave of uncertainty across myriad industries, and no other market has quite felt its impact like that of real estate. The … Read more

Are Young Adults the Loneliest? Check as Data Shows

Young Adults

This article on young adults and their feeling of loneliness was tackled by Charlie Health and produced in partnership with Stacker. We are republishing it here with their permission. Loneliness is a deeply personal feeling. Some people might experience this emotion from being physically alone. For others, it might arise from feeling disconnected from or unfulfilled by … Read more

7 Facts You Need to Know About the Royal Line of Succession

royal line of succession

In the wake of the queen’s death, many people have asked themselves, “who’s next for the throne?”  While the short answer is that King Charles III comes next, there’s much more to the royal line of succession than that.  The Royal Line of Succession Here are eight must-know facts about the royal line of succession. … Read more

Check 4 Charts That Show What Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Means for America

Student Loan

Stacker originally published this excellent article wherein they tackled Biden’s student loan forgiveness. We were given permission to republish the post here. Like crumbling infrastructure or rising gas prices, student loan forgiveness is one of those far-reaching political issues that affect a huge swath of Americans. Close to 1 in 5 Americans have student loans. … Read more

How Generations Differ in Credit Card Usage

Credit Card

Experian discussed how credit card usage differs by generation in this informative article. They gave us permission to republish it here. Younger Americans are racking up credit card debt faster than older generations. In the time since the U.S. economy came to a pandemic-induced halt in the spring of 2020, their credit card debt has … Read more

America Needs More Homes, so Why are Builders Cutting Back?


Stacker originally published this great post on America needing homes and tackled why builders are cutting back. We received permission to republish it here. The U.S. is short nearly 4 million homes, according to an analysis published in May 2021 by the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, commonly known as Freddie Mac. New construction was … Read more