Did This Mother Cross the Line by Dying Her 5-Year-Old Daughter’s Hair? Her Mother Thinks So

This woman recently dyed her child’s hair. Her mother freaked out even though she was responsible for the choice and checked whether it was safe and took all precautions. Here’s the full story.

She Loves Dying Her Hair

The Original Poster (OP) is a 28-year-old who absolutely loves dyeing her hair.

OP had a lot of bullying as she was growing up, which had an impact on her confidence and self-esteem. As a result, OP experimented with hair color when she was fifteen and fell head over heels in love.

She gained a sense of self-assurance as a result, and she began to make friends, join clubs, and enjoyed her time in high school.

It Makes Her Feel Good

OP still colors her hair now, but not as frequently. These days, she only does it every three to four months.

OP has a 5-year-old kid who we’ll refer to as “Lily.” When it comes to coloring OP’s hair, Lily has been one of her biggest supporters.

She has assisted OP in choosing the colors of her hair since she was around two years old, and they both enjoy doing it together.

Her Biggest Supporter

Since Lily turned five, she has been requesting to get her hair colored, but OP has been denying her requests for one reason – hair loss.

OP has been dying her hair for a long time, as mentioned, and she says the hair damage is real.

Lily has naturally blonde hair, which everyone loves, and she shares OP’s passion for her hair.

She frequently requests that OP experiment with other hairstyles on her see how they turn out.

Her Daughter Wants to Try

OP has been putting off telling her that she can get her hair dyed once she’s a little bit older since she’s been asking, but she was insistent.

So OP simply decided to do it for her benefit and to stop her from begging constantly. OP picked up some washable pink hair dye, so it wouldn’t be permanent.

In order to confirm that her daughter was not allergic to it and to confirm that it was good for her hair, OP made sure to do a ton of research.

Her daughter’s face lit up when she saw the hair dye, and OP shared it made her heart so happy.

She Was Tickled Pink

OP was careful to only dye the ends so as not to give her pink hair all over. Plus, OP checked to see whether it would complement her hair and that it wasn’t some fluorescent bright pink.

When they were done, the outcome looked fantastic. She was ecstatic about her new hair, too.

This is where the problems began.

So, OP agreed when her parents invited them over on Sunday for a small Mother’s Day barbeque party, and both Lily and OP went.

OP’s parents have never liked the fact that OP colors her hair, and they still don’t, but they don’t bring it up anymore and don’t appear to care as much.

Her Mother Was Not Happy

But as soon as OP arrived, Lily’s hair caught everyone’s attention, and OP knew they weren’t those “Oh my god, her hair is so pretty!” looks.

As soon as they entered, OP’s mother grabbed her hand and shouted, “What were you thinking?”

OP attempted to justify it by saying that Lily had been really looking forward to it, and OP didn’t want to let her down. She added that it’s easy to remove and that it’s not like she gave her child a complete head of neon pink hair.

But her mother wasn’t happy with this, and she gave her the cold shoulder the rest of the night.

Now OP felt bad about what happened, and she took to Reddit to ask if she was wrong for dyeing her daughter’s hair.

Hundreds of Reddit comments came in support of OP.

You Made a Responsible Choice

One Reddit user wrote, “You made sure that this couldn’t do permanent damage to your daughter’s hair, and whatever negative opinions your other relatives might have are irrelevant in the face of your daughter’s happiness with this.”

Another Redditor pointed out that if it’s washable, it’s not even dyed, and that OP essentially just played dress-up with her daughter.

A third Reddit user wrote, “You did all the right things by doing research and making sure that it was something your daughter really wanted. In 20 years, the two of you can look back on all the cute photos of the first time she got her hair dyed. Thanks for supporting your daughter.”

So what is your opinion? Was OP wrong for what she did?

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