Outrage at Disturbing Video Showing Racist Bully Threatening Special Needs Classmate

In a distressing turn of events, a TikTok video capturing a Severna Park High School student bullying a classmate with special needs has taken the internet by storm, amassing over 800,000 views and leaving viewers appalled. 

The Horrible Video

The disturbing footage showcases the student hurling a racial slur, degrading phrases targeting the classmate’s condition, and even issuing physical threats.

The School Wrote Parents a Letter

Parents were notified about this appalling incident through a letter from the school, igniting deep concern and prompting immediate action.

Bob Mosier, the chief communications officer at Anne Arundel County School District, expressed his dismay, stating, “It is a disturbing, disturbing thing to watch and certainly has provoked a visceral response on social media yesterday, but also at the school on Tuesday.”

Highlights Nationwide Bullying Problem

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Severna Park High School is taking proactive measures to combat bullying within its walls. This incident sheds light on a broader issue prevalent across the nation, as schools grapple with an alarming increase in bullying cases, as reported by the cyberbullying research center.

This is an Ongoing Journey

Mosier emphasized the importance of ongoing conversations and a commitment to progress, stating, “You have to continue the conversations and as you’re moving forward in a journey, sometimes there are steps back, and the goal is to keep moving forward and not let a single incident define your overall program.”

The School Isn’t Taking This Lightly

The school district refuses to downplay the severity of the situation and is taking decisive action. Mosier asserted, “Certainly this is very disturbing, there’s no brushing this under the rug, there’s no not dealing with this. The appropriate consequences have been levied, and that will continue to happen as this process continues.”

‘See Something, Say Something’

Upon learning about the video, students at the school were outraged, swiftly marching down to the principal’s office to demand accountability.

Mosier found this response reassuring, stating, “It is certainly reassuring that many students went to the office and said hey look this happened, you have to know about this, and it happened very quickly, almost immediately. So from that point, the message of ‘see something, say something,’ and the message of ‘let’s do something about something that’s just not okay’ is clearly there.”

Trying to Foster an Inclusive Learning Environment

The school has taken swift action in identifying the student involved and ensuring appropriate measures are taken. As per the Anne Arundel County School handbook, bullying incidents result in suspensions, emphasizing the district’s commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive learning environment.

Zero-Tolerance Policy

This deeply unsettling incident serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need to address bullying in schools and reinforce a zero-tolerance policy.

The collective outrage and resolute response from Severna Park High School demonstrate a community’s unwavering dedication to protecting its students and standing up against such unacceptable behavior.

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