7  Things You Should Know About Eminem’s Net Worth and Other Facts

Quick Facts:

  • Eminem Net worth: $230 million
  • Birthday: October 17, 1972
  • Age: 49
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 1.73m (5 ft 7 in)
  • Career: Hip-hop artist
  • Born: Detroit, Michigan
  • Currently lives: Clinton Township, MI 

Most of us are familiar with Slim Shady’s slick rap tunes and could probably sing along to songs like “Rap God.”

But, while most of us probably know the lyrics to “Without Me,” there’s probably quite a bit you don’t know about Eminem’s net worth. 

Keep reading if you’re ready to get the dirty details on Eminem’s private financial life. Here are seven things you need to know about the rap star’s net worth and a few other intriguing facts.

1) His Total Net Worth is $230 Million

While there’s no question about Eminem’s talent, many people are surprised to hear that Eminem’s net worth is around $230 million as of 2022.

Eminem’s cash flow comes largely from tours, although he’s also made a good chunk of money from selling his records. 

And, despite being 49 years old, Eminem is still going strong with his tours! His most recent tour was in August 2022, although his appearance at the NFL Superbowl in 2021 was also a big appearance for him.

2) The Cards Were Stacked Against Him

Even though Eminem has had a highly successful music career, he has had odds stacked against him since the beginning. 

You see, Eminem had a troubled past, dealing with issues like childhood abandonment and bullying in school. Things got particularly bad in 1997 when he was evicted from his LA home. 

However, despite the setbacks, Eminem still managed to get his music heard and eventually earned around $69 million from his albums.

3) He’s Great With Money

One of the reasons why Eminem has managed to maintain such a high net worth is that he’s great with money. 

While you often hear of rockstars squandering their wealth on large purchases, Eminem doesn’t. He once said he forewent an expensive watch purchase “because I don’t want to get a scratch on it.”

And, of course, that’s just one example. While Eminem does have his vices, for the most part, you can bet your bottom dollar that Eminem is spending his savings wisely.

4) Eminem Earns Most of His Revenue from Tours

Eminem’s biggest revenue earner isn’t his music, it’s his tours. According to this study from GoBanking Rates, he earned $85 million over the last five years from tours alone. 

Now, while he did many of those tours solo, he also did many of them in partnership with other big musicians. 

For instance, Eminem’s big debut with Rihanna in 2015 was a huge earner for him. That year alone, he netted $31 million!

As a result, a good chunk of his change comes from big tours. And, when he’s partnering up with other talented artists, he gets even better cash flow. 

5) Not All His Revenue Comes from Music

Even though Eminem is most famous for making music and going on tours, that’s just the tip of the iceberg regarding his revenue. 

In fact, Eminem earns money from a ton of different channels. 

For one thing, Eminem has had a few small movie roles that have landed him some extra cash. In 2001 he starred in The Wash, and a year later, he had a feature in 8 Mile

A few years later, Eminem appeared in Funny People and The Interview, two hit movies of the 2010s. 

Besides acting, Eminem earns extra cash royalties from his books The Way I Am and Angry Blonde

Finally, he recently launched a joint-venture restaurant called Mom’s Spaghetti with Union Joints. The extra earnings from the restaurant also had to his mega-millions.

6) He Spends His Money on Cars, Comics, and Charity

While Eminem is great with money, that’s not to say he doesn’t spend it at all. In fact, he’s got quite a few vices that he loves investing in!

For one thing, Eminem is a huge comic book fan. Ever since childhood, he’s enjoyed reading about swashbuckling superheroes and their wild adventures. 

Today, Eminem has channeled that love for comic books into a growing collection. A good chunk of his spare change gets spent on his favorite comics to add to his stash. 

Another passion of Eminem’s is luxury cars. Rumor has it he’s got:

  • An Aston Martin V8 Phantom 
  • A 575 Ferrari 
  • An Audi R8 Spyder
  • A Ford GT
  • and three Porsches!

Besides cars and comic books, Eminem loves donating his wealth to charity. He even has his own foundation, the Eight Mile Foundation, which he regularly contributes to in order to help those with drug problems. 

7) Eminem Earns About $20 million a Year

Although Eminem’s net worth is a little over $200 million, he’s constantly adding to that. In fact, he makes anywhere from $20 million to $50 million per year!

His most profitable year to date was 2019, when he netted that magic $50 million. 

The exact amount can fluctuate depending on how many records he sells, whether he releases a new album if he goes on tour, and how well his side hustles are doing. 

But, in general, you can bet that the hip-hop star is taking home several tens of millions of dollars a year. 

Other Facts

Still hungry for more insider details on Eminem? Here are a couple of other fast facts to know about Eminem:

There are many other interesting facts about Eminem, but if we covered them all, we’d be here all day. 

Despite being one of the world’s best rappers, there are tons of secret sides to Eminem that most people just don’t know about.

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