Entitled First-Class Passenger Dragged off Flight After Throwing a Fit When He Didn’t Receive His Gin and Tonic! What?!

In a recent incident that has gained significant attention, a passenger on an airplane found himself in a situation that epitomized the stereotype of entitled. Caught on video, the passenger attempted to explain his way out of trouble when police officers were called to remove him from the flight after allegedly throwing a fit when he was denied a cocktail before takeoff.

Dragged From the Plane Sobbing

The outcome of this incident was captured in a video that quickly went viral on social media. The unidentified man was seen being dragged off the plane, sobbing, and subsequently handcuffed by the police.

The incident unfolded in the jetway between the plane and the terminal, but the exact location remains unclear. The airline involved in the incident was identified as American Airlines.

No More Negotiation

The video begins with several police officers standing over the passenger, who was seated in what appeared to be first-class. They informed him that they had reached a point where understanding his situation was no longer their priority, and it was time for him to leave the plane.

One officer asserted that they were done with back-and-forth discussions and now it was time to involve the police. Another officer commanded the passenger to get up from his seat, but he still seemed to believe that negotiation was possible.

The Crime of Disrespect

One of the officers informed him that the pilot had requested his removal from the plane multiple times. When the passenger asked respectfully what crime he was suspected of committing, an officer responded sharply, accusing him of being disrespectful.

The video, apparently recorded by an airline employee, shows the escalating situation. When an officer threatened to deboard the entire plane if the passenger didn’t leave voluntarily, fellow passengers assisted the officers in identifying the man’s luggage for removal. 

Despite witnessing his personal belongings being taken off the plane, the passenger persisted in trying to avoid the imminent trouble he had found himself in.

Enough Is Enough

Other passengers can be seen and heard urging the man to leave the plane. The officers warned him that he wasn’t listening and emphasized their intention to handle the situation civilly. However, the passenger remained adamant about staying on board, even after his luggage had been removed.

As the situation intensified, additional law enforcement and airline personnel joined the officers. The passenger continued to record the interaction with his phone until an individual took it from him. Claiming that his phone had been stolen, the passenger faced forceful measures as the officers physically removed him from the plane. 

He was pushed down the aisle while pleading for the officers to stop. Although no longer visible in the camera’s frame, his cries grew louder.

All Down to a Gin and Tonic

In response to the man’s pleas, one of the officers coldly replied, “Too late now!” The person recording followed the officers to the jetway, where they handcuffed the former passenger. It is astonishing to think that all of this unfolded due to an unfulfilled request for a gin and tonic.

According to the travel blog A View From The Wing, American Airlines had been encouraging flight attendants to offer pre-departure beverages in recent years. However, Conde Nast Traveler reported last year that American Airlines flight attendants were instructed to enforce a two-cocktail limit for passengers in the economy section.

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