Do You Wash Your Vegetables? The Latest Viral TikTok Shows Just How Dirty the Produce in the Supermarket Is

This TikTok user took it upon herself to educate the general public about the hazards lurking in our store-bought produce.

Do You Wash Your Produce?

In the video shared by TikTok user Amy Hitch, she demonstrates washing grocery store grapes and blueberries using a fruit and vegetable washing machine. 

The video gained significant attention, as viewers witnessed the amount of dirt and ick that emerged from the fruit during the process. 

She Washes With a Hypersonic Device

Hitch mentions she had already washed the grapes twice before placing them in a white bowl with the washing gadget. As the hypersonic device cleans the fruit, substantial dirt and unpleasant particles float to the top of the water. Hinch exclaims, “This is what we eat… This is so [] nasty. We need to watch what we eat.”

Hitch proceeds to test other vegetables, including a head of lettuce and bagged salad. While the prewashed bagged salad only produced a small amount of dirt, the lettuce contained bugs. Yes, actual bugs. 

Are There Any Bugs Lurking In There?

Hinch points them out, stating, “Those are bugs… Clusters of freaking bugs.” It’s a well-known fact that fruits and vegetables are grown outdoors in the dirt, so it’s inevitable that they come into contact with various insects before reaching our tables. 

Despite rigorous cleaning processes during production, some bugs survive. 

Naturally, it’s preferable to have fewer bugs and less dirt on your fresh produce. While regular washing typically eliminates the real dangers associated with unwashed produce, such as harmful germs like Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria, a little extra reassurance never hurts, especially for concerned moms. 

“Thank you for the experiment!” one user wrote. 

What Other Poisons Are We Missing?

“Hey! Good for you for raising awareness about our food. Pesticides are poison,” another added.

Not everyone was convinced, though. Some people didn’t think these findings were momentous. 

“Oh no! My farmed plants that grow in dirt are covered in dirt!” someone said. 

“I don’t bother washing them, gotta keep that immune system up,” one user stated.

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