He Planned a Gamer’s Weekend for One. His Wife Didn’t Approve and She Called His “Hobby” Pointless

This guy has been looking forward to the release of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom for years and had planned to spend the entire weekend playing the game when it was finally released. But his plans were ruined when his wife planned a movie night on the same day. Here’s the full story.

It’s His Escape

Zelda has always had a special place in the Original Poster’s (OP) heart. He uses it as an escape from the monotony of daily life.

OP doesn’t have any children. It’s just him and his wife.

About six months ago, OP told his wife that when this game was out, he would become a hermit and spend the whole release weekend in a hole. He would live, breathe, and eat Zelda.

He Told Her About His Plans, Repeatedly

Every time the subject came up, he kept reminding her of his plans, and as the game’s release date approached, he did it even more frequently.

As soon as he knew about the launch date, he took time off of work and added it to his work calendar.

At the beginning of the launch week, OP reminded his wife once more that he would effectively disappear that weekend to do what he had planned for years: spend the entire weekend playing the new game.

She Arranged a Movie Night on the Same Day

Then, things took a turn when his wife arranged a movie night on launch day with a large group of neighbors.

OP was shocked to hear this, but he didn’t argue and said he’d help her.

To get everything ready for the weekend, OP cleaned the house, did the dishes, and even did four loads of laundry and tidied the linen closet.

The Day Finally Arrived

When the sun rose on the first morning of the weekend, OP started playing Zelda.

And when it was time for the movie night to start, OP paused from playing, cooked all the popcorn, set up their home theater for his wife, and then resumed playing his game.

Plus, OP greeted their visitors as they arrived, directed them to the theater room, and then continued playing his game. He said goodbye to them once more when they left after the movie, and he then helped clean the kitchen during another little break.

He Couldn’t Have Been Any More Helpful

After the movie night had ended, OP’s wife was upset with him for playing his game downstairs while she hosted the event alone.

She remarked that it was strange and silly of OP to be unable to set aside a few hours for the movie night.

She went on to say that it’s simply a pointless video game.

But OP got angry and told her that he had already made arrangements for the weekend months prior and that what he had done did not go against what he had promised her he would do.

OP took to Reddit to ask whether he was wrong in lashing out at his wife and not helping her to co-host.

His Wife Was Not Happy

Thousands of Reddit comments poured in supporting OP.

One Redditor wrote, “She arranged this when she had known for months what your plans were. You did a lot of preparation for her event, took breaks to speak to her guests, and even helped to clean up after her event. She’s being utterly unreasonable.”

Another Redditor said that OP had plans that he was clear about for a long time and which were dictated by the date of release, and OP was great as he didn’t stop her from having a movie night and even assisted in elements of it, despite having these pre-arranged important plans being disrupted to do so.

A third Redditor pointed out that some may trivialize OP’s hobby because “it’s just a video game,” but it’s also just a movie. 

So what do you think? What would you have done if you were in OP’s situation?

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