Furious Woman Got Her Comeuppance When the Dental Nurse Got Petty Revenge – Open Wide!

In a dental surgery bustling with patients and professionals, a young receptionist named Danielle found herself facing a memorable encounter with a particularly rude and demanding patient. Little did she know that this encounter would test her patience and lead to unexpected consequences. 

The Arrival of the Rude Patient

It all began when the first patient of the day entered the office, radiating unnecessary rudeness toward Danielle.

Complaining about the dentist’s delay in seeing her, the woman demanded an explanation. Despite Danielle’s efforts to call the dentist, he remained unreachable.

Maintaining Her Composure 

Remaining professional, Danielle assured the woman that she would be called in shortly and requested her patience.

However, the patient, believing Danielle to be incompetent due to her age, made condescending remarks about her ability to handle her receptionist duties.

Ignoring the insults, Danielle reiterated that the dentist would attend to her shortly.

An Unexpected Turn of Events

Just as Danielle assured the woman, the dentist summoned her into his room a mere 30 seconds later.

However, instead of attending to her immediately, he approached Danielle and asked for her assistance as a temporary dental nurse since his usual one had failed to show up for work.

This unexpected turn of events explained the brief delay, which had nothing to do with Danielle’s reception duties.

Some Controversial Revenge

As Danielle entered the room to serve as the woman’s dental nurse, she noticed the abrupt change in the patient’s demeanor. The previously cheerful and content patient became visibly disappointed upon seeing Danielle.

Driven by the woman’s earlier rudeness, Danielle decided to take a small act of revenge during the scale and polish procedure. She intentionally neglected to properly suction the patient’s mouth, causing her to gag.

Escalating Frustration

The patient’s frustration continued to escalate, and she directed her rudeness toward the dentist himself. She ripped out her dental impressions, claiming they made her gag, and accused the dentist of incompetence!

Despite his 15 years of experience, the dentist tried to explain the proper procedure to the patient, emphasizing the importance of allowing the impressions to set.

However, his attempts to redo the impressions ended with the same outcome!

The Dentist’s Tough Decision

Realizing the extent of the delay and the dissatisfaction among waiting patients, the dentist made a tough decision.

He informed the patient that they would have to reschedule her appointment due to the delay caused by the situation.

Meanwhile, he asked Danielle to handle the rescheduling process at the reception desk, as his regular dental nurse had finally arrived.

The Dentist’s Request

As Danielle approached the reception desk, the dentist discreetly pulled her aside. He requested that she book the patient’s next appointment with the owner’s daughter instead!

He knew that the owner’s daughter had the authority to refuse service to rude individuals and hoped to avoid any further unpleasant encounters.

With a polite smile, Danielle approached the patient and asked her when she would like to schedule her next appointment.

However, the woman responded with a profanity-laden outburst before storming out of the dental surgery without rebooking!

Despite the woman’s rude departure, her husband, who had been patiently waiting in the reception area, took a moment to apologize to Danielle for his wife’s behavior before leaving.

Consequences Of Her Behavior

Word of the incident reached the dental surgery’s owner, who promptly addressed the situation with Danielle and the dentist.

They decided to add a note to the patient’s file, ensuring that she wouldn’t receive any future appointments due to her disrespectful conduct.

However, when the dental surgery attempted to contact her to notify her about the decision, they discovered that she had provided an incorrect and outdated phone number, making it impossible to reach her.

No Respect

The encounter with the rude patient served as a valuable lesson for Danielle and the dental team, emphasizing the importance of respectful behavior and the consequences it can have on future interactions.

Despite the woman’s expectation to receive dentures, her own rudeness ultimately led to her getting denied the very service she needed.

Redditors enjoyed Danielle’s story but took offense to her decision to perform the suctioning improperly.

One user said, “She sounds horrible. But I can’t agree with you not carrying out the suctioning properly just because she was rude – that is no justification for a medical professional not maintaining a standard of care. If she was rude enough that you couldn’t provide adequate care, then you should have refused service. If you weren’t in a position to refuse service, then you should have sucked it up, both figuratively and literally in this case!”

Have you ever experienced a challenging encounter with a rude customer or client? What happened?

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