Gay Couple Kicked and Stoned by Homophobic Teenagers Whilst Walking Their Dog

A distressing incident of homophobia unfolded in Drogheda, Ireland, when a gay couple was targeted, physically assaulted, and verbally abused by a group of teenagers. 

A Barrage of Hate

During an interview with the Michael Reade Show on LMFM Radio, Ivan Miadini recounted the traumatic experience endured by him.

The victims, Ivan Miadini and his husband were walking their dog when they were subjected to a barrage of hateful slurs and threats.

They described being kicked, stoned, and verbally assaulted by a group of teenagers for over a minute before people came to help.

The attackers hurled homophobic slurs while also threatening to harm their dog.

Caught on Film

Miadini managed to capture footage of the attack, which was shared with Dublin Live in an attempt to identify the perpetrators.

Miadini shares the attack has left lasting emotional and physical scars on him and his husband.

He expressed a desire to understand the motivations behind the attackers’ behavior before pursuing further legal actions. He wants to address the issue in a way that goes beyond involving the police.

Outraged Response

The incident has sparked outrage among community members and advocacy groups, demanding justice and a firm response to such acts of violence.

Garda, the Irish police force, is aware of the video footage and is encouraging the couple to file an official complaint. The police described the attack as shocking and emphasized the importance of holding these teenage perpetrators accountable for their vile homophobic and racist behavior.

Solidarity With the Couple

Imelda Munster, spokesperson on tourism, sport, and media, expressed her solidarity with the couple and denounced the attack as a horrific act.

Imelda said, “These are two law-abiding citizens going out for a walk with their dog when they are attacked in broad daylight because of who they are. It was a horrible experience for them and absolutely wrong. Who do these gang of thugs think they are? They must be tracked down and brought to justice for what they did. Under no circumstances should these thugs get away with this. It was a frightening incident and everyone in Drogheda is shocked and angry.”

The Nerve to Say Bigotry Doesn’t Exist

Several Twitter users shared their thoughts about the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “And people have the nerve to say that bigotry doesn’t exist in the UK.”

Another user commented, “I wonder if these “teens” are perhaps some of that cultural enrichment” liberals have pushed onto the West?”

So what are your thoughts?

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