Gay Man Targeted With Death Threats by Neighbors After a Dispute About Bins

Joshua Val Martin, a resident of Greater Manchester, recently received a homophobic death threat from a neighbor following a dispute about local bins. 

Threatening Letters

The anonymous note addressed to “Mr. Gay” was the latest in a series of troubling incidents targeting Joshua Val Martin. The note read: “If you move my bin I will put an end to you. You may find an ex [mercenary] calling on you not to have a chat but to destroy. From Flat 2.”

Since moving to a supposedly “middle-class” part of Greater Manchester, Martin claims to have experienced ongoing passive-aggressive behavior from neighbors.

Homophobia Leads to Feelings of Isolation

He describes an environment of excessive homophobia, rules, and regulations, leading to a sense of paranoia and isolation. 

Several times his neighbors had made comments about Martin’s sexuality and used homophobic slurs.

The dispute between Martin and his neighbor initially centered on outdoor furniture placed in the communal area of the flats.

Targeted Vandalism

The problem began when a Buddha statue kept outside, belonging to Martin, was moved without his consent. When Martin confronted his neighbors about the incident, they initially denied involvement but later confessed to moving it near the bins “to stop local teenage kids smashing it”.

However, Martin discovered the statue had been damaged weeks later, raising concerns about targeted vandalism.

Martin didn’t care much about it and kept the statue outside. But the statue disappeared again.

An Investigation Is Launched

To find the statue, Martin moved the bins out of place, which ultimately resulted in the threatening note being posted on his door.

Martin says that he was looking for his statue and not trying to mess up the bins. He was so focused on finding the statue that he forgot to keep the bins at their places.

In response to the homophobic threat, Martin reported the incident to the Greater Manchester Police, who have launched an investigation.

However, he expresses doubt about the possibility of mediation and resolution in such a hostile environment.

Ongoing Harassments

Martin’s skepticism about the neighbor’s capacity for change is understandable, given the severity of the threat and the ongoing harassment he has experienced.

The presence of a death threat rooted in homophobia raises significant barriers to open dialogue and peaceful resolution.

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