Gay Woman Threw Away a Religious Book Gifted by Her Grandparents…and They are Furious!

She received an offensive gift from her devout grandparents and threw it in the trash. Now they’re angry that she didn’t appreciate the gift. In a recent Reddit post, a user found herself with a situation involving her devout grandparents. Here’s the full story.

Devout Grandparents Came to Town

The Original Poster (OP) is a 20-year-old who shares that her grandparents are devout Christians. They are the kind of people who post leaflets on neighbors’ doors.

The story began when the grandparents came to town. During the family conversation, they inquired if OP had a boyfriend, and OP said that she had a girlfriend.

They were puzzled and glanced at each other, and OP shared that she could tell they were looking down on her.

An Oppressive Gift

Things took a turn during dinner last night when they brought OP a birthday gift. She kept saying “thank you” as she was so happy.

However, as she opened it, she discovered a book titled “Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be.” Her appreciation turned to disappointment when her grandpa explained that they hoped the book would help her “get back on track” and that she “needed God during this difficult time in her life.”

She Threw It in the Trash

OP became angry and kept quiet for the rest of the dinner. Her dad knew she was upset about it.

Later, when OP reached home, she threw the book in the trash.

Unfortunately, things turned ugly, when OP’s grandmother found it in the open garbage can when they stopped by today at OP’s place.

She remained silent, but OP overheard them talking to her dad about what happened.

A Furious Reaction

OP’s father became furious and remarked that OP should have at least tried to conceal if she had thrown it away.

OP’s father, while acknowledging her hurt, expressed his anger for exacerbating the tensions within the family. The clash between her actions and her father’s response left her feeling misunderstood and further aggravated her feelings. 

OP felt hurt about what happened and she took to Reddit to ask for opinions.

Blatant Homophobic

Hundreds of Reddit comments poured in saying that OP was not wrong for what she did.

One Reddit user wrote, “It sounds to me like you showed more grace than I would have, in the face of blatant homophobia. I’d be mad at everyone in my family who didn’t support me for who I am in the face of hatred from other family members. 100%, you’re not wrong. I’m sorry you’re going through this.”

Another Redditor commented, “You’re not to blame for throwing away the book. The book is a direct, personal insult to you and has no place in your home. You’re not obligated to appreciate a gift.

Your grandparents are welcome to be offended by seeing it in the trash – hopefully, it results in them asking you about it and maybe educating themselves on why it’s so offensive.”

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