She Went from Burnt Out Dogsbody to the LAZIEST Worker in the Warehouse! What Changed?

This story follows Carla, a resilient and experienced worker who finds herself embarking on a new job journey after enduring many hardships in her previous role. Through her unique strategy, Carla has established boundaries and reclaimed control over her professional life – let’s see how she’s doing it.

Burnt Out

Carla found herself trapped in a cycle of being overworked and unappreciated at her previous job in retail. With six years of retail under her belt, Carla had become the go-to employee, handling multiple departments and shouldering the majority of the workload.

However, this dedication came at a cost.

Carla began to feel the weight of being taken advantage of. She was reprimanded and disciplined when she was burnt out and physically couldn’t do the work expected of her.

Rock Bottom

Constant reprimands and disciplinary actions took a toll on her mental and physical well-being. It became unbearable, to the point where Carla contemplated ending it all. Realizing she couldn’t endure the situation any longer, she made the difficult decision to leave.

Taking a break from work, Carla eventually stumbled upon a new opportunity at a t-shirt printing warehouse. The job aligned with her personal interests and hobbies, sparking her curiosity.

However, burnt by her past experiences, Carla made a solemn vow to herself – she would never allow herself to be taken advantage of again!

“Weaponized Incompetence”

For over a year at her new workplace, Carla adopted a unique approach. She deliberately embraced what she called “weaponized incompetence.” She consciously did the bare minimum, frequently called out, and avoided taking on additional tasks.

By positioning herself as a less reliable employee, she managed to escape the burden of extra work with no extra pay and the responsibility of training new hires or temporary workers!

While Carla knew that her actions might draw judgment and criticism from others, she found solace in the fact that she alone bore the consequences. In her warehouse job, she had limited interaction with colleagues, leaving the direct impact of her actions solely on herself.

Not Risking Mental Health Again

Carla was determined not to drag others down for her personal gain, but she was willing to take full responsibility for any mistakes she made. After all, her mental sanity and personal well-being took precedence over going the extra mile for an employer who had previously taken advantage of her and subjected her to mental and verbal abuse.

Carla’s decision to embrace weaponized incompetence was a defense mechanism, a means to protect herself from being exploited again. She has learned the hard way that she should never sacrifice her well-being for a job that merely serves as a means to pay the bills.

She harbors no desire to go above and beyond for any employer, given her past experiences of being taken advantage of and subjected to mental and verbal abuse. Carla has found her own unique way of maintaining her sanity in a workplace that had once pushed her to the brink.

The Aftermath of Toxicity

Redditors loved Carla’s tale, with many users commenting they follow a similar routine at work.

One user said, “I’ve been doing this too. I don’t stay late. Don’t come in early. Won’t pick up shifts. I just do what is expected of me and leave. My coworkers sometimes do far less and still have their jobs so… What the heck, right? The other day I no called, no-showed, and no one cared, so lmao.”

While unconventional and controversial, Carla’s tale sheds light on the resilience and self-preservation instincts that can arise from negative experiences. It sparks a debate about the ethics of prioritizing personal well-being over professional commitments.

Is it justified to adopt such an approach to protect yourself from being taken advantage of? How can individuals navigate the aftermath of toxic work environments while preserving their mental health?

The question remains: Will Carla’s unconventional strategy prove sustainable, or will it ultimately lead to unforeseen consequences? Only time will tell.

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