Goldman Sachs Retracts 2023 U.S. Government Shutdown Prediction, Warns of Potential Disruptions in 2024

The cloud of a potential government shutdown in 2023 has lifted, but not all is clear on the horizon. Goldman Sachs recently retracted its forecast for a U.S. government shutdown this year yet warned of possible disruptions in 2024.

Shift in Predictions

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Goldman Sachs recently dropped its previous forecast that suggested a U.S. government shutdown was likely in 2023.

The change comes due to new geopolitical risks and the election of a House Speaker.

The House Speaker’s Influence

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Mike Johnson’s election as House Speaker has lessened the likelihood of a government shutdown. His leadership could play a role in keeping the government operational.

Why a Shutdown Seemed Likely

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Previously, Goldman Sachs believed a shutdown for 2-3 weeks by the end of December was probable. This view was held by a team of economists led by Jan Hatzius.

Geopolitical Tensions

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Geopolitical events like the conflict in the Middle East and U.S. air strikes in Syria have changed the landscape.

Congress is now less likely to allow a shutdown affecting military operations.

The Military Angle

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A government shutdown affects not only civilian operations but also military activities.

This fact makes Congress more cautious about allowing a shutdown, particularly in a tense geopolitical climate.

Short-Term Extensions

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The likely temporary extension of the spending bill by the November 17 deadline will not solve the deep-rooted policy disagreements among lawmakers.

The Risk in 2024

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Hatzius warns that there’s still “some risk” of a government shutdown in early 2024, especially if the government continues to operate on short-term spending bills.

The Domino Effect

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If the government continues to run on short-term extensions, it will be harder for Congress to agree on a full-year spending plan.

This increases the chances of a shutdown in the future.

Impact on Federal Workers

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Federal workers face furloughs or work without pay if a government shutdown occurs. This disrupts the lives of thousands of families across the nation.

Public Services Halt

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Essential services such as social security and public healthcare could be affected. Many Americans rely on these services for their day-to-day living.

Economic Consequences

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A government shutdown hampers economic activity. Small businesses that work with the federal government could face delays or cancellations of projects.

Markets React

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Financial markets don’t like uncertainty. A government shutdown, or even the risk of one, can lead to market volatility, which affects investments and retirement accounts.

What Can You Do?

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Americans should prepare for the remote possibility of a government shutdown by saving money and understanding which services could be affected.

Planning Ahead

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While a 2023 shutdown now seems unlikely, it’s wise to consider the impacts of a potential 2024 shutdown. Having a financial cushion can make a big difference.

Be Prepared

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While the immediate threat of a government shutdown has been averted for now, uncertainties remain for 2024.

As always, being prepared and informed is the best course of action for Americans facing these unpredictable times.

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