Disgusted Viewers Troll Grandma Engaged to a 25-Year Old Who Wants to Have a Family

Controversy erupts as a grandmother faces online criticism for marrying a 25-year-old man, with their significant age gap drawing attention and sparking discussions on social media.

Intimate Details of Lives Online

Cheryl McGregor, a 62-year-old grandmother from Georgia, has found herself at the center of online criticism after marrying her 25-year-old husband, Quran McCain.

The couple, known for frequently sharing intimate details of their relationship online, often face hate and scrutiny due to their significant 37-year age difference.

Recently, Cheryl faced backlash on her own when she uploaded a makeup transformation video to her Instagram account, @therealoliver6060. The video starts with Cheryl looking casual, with her hair in a bun and wearing a scruffy T-shirt. 

Criticism to “Act Your Age”

Within seconds, she waves her hand to the camera and reappears with curled hair, makeup, and a red plunging top, showcasing a more glamorous look. Her caption, “Trust I snatch his soul,” presumably refers to her husband Quran.

Social media users criticized Cheryl’s attempt to appear younger, with comments urging her to “act her age” and questioning the appropriateness of her transformation. 

While some took a light-hearted approach, others made harsh remarks, comparing her to the Grim Reaper or suggesting that she was risking injury due to her age.

Ignore the Haters

However, amidst the criticism, Cheryl also received support from her followers. Some defended her, advising her to ignore the haters and praising her appearance, urging her to stay confident and beautiful.

While age disparities in relationships may raise eyebrows, they are more common than one might think.

According to Psycom, the average age gap between heterosexual couples in the US is approximately 2.3 years, many couples thrive with a significantly wider age difference. 

Age Gap

In Western countries, around 8% of male-female couples have an age gap of 10 years or more, and an even smaller percentage, roughly 1%, have a difference of 28 years or more. 

This trend has been observed on internet dating websites as well, with Match reporting that over 80% of women express interest in dating younger men (defined as a decade or more younger), while 90% of men are open to dating someone 10 years older.

A Strong Connection Grew

Cheryl and Quran’s relationship began in 2012 when Quran was just 15 and working at a fast-food restaurant managed by Cheryl’s son.

Although their romantic connection developed later, they lost touch for a while and reconnected in November 2020 when Quran saw Cheryl working as a cashier at a convenience store. 

Despite the significant age gap and being younger than one of Cheryl’s own children, the couple felt a strong connection on various levels.

They Made It Official

Their relationship blossomed after reconnecting, and they began posting videos together on TikTok, which further solidified their bond. Last April, they officially became a couple. 

Their relationship progressed rapidly, leading to Quran proposing with a $3,000 engagement ring at an Olive Garden restaurant in July 2021. Cheryl was taken by surprise but felt special and cherished the moment.

Plans to Start a Family

Currently, the couple is actively searching for a surrogate in the hope of starting a family, showcasing their commitment to building a life together.

While Cheryl and Quran’s relationship continues to generate controversy and mixed reactions online, they remain focused on their love and connection, undeterred by the judgment they face.

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