Neighbor Revenge: The Douchebags Next Door Think They Can Park Illegally and Destroy Property, They Thought Wrong!

Skipper and his friends tell a story of how they got revenge on an annoying neighbor, the Entitled Douchebags (EDs). 

Neighbors are Douchebags

Skipper and his friends were a bunch of twenty-something professionals, just starting their careers and living it up.

On the other hand, the EDs were your typical college dudes – party animals, always jamming to music and drowning in booze.

Luckily, Skipper’s house had some killer soundproofing, and with both driveways acting as a buffer zone, it wasn’t a major headache.

A Not So Great Idea

However, things took a nasty turn when football season rolled around.

Being conveniently close to the stadium, the EDs had a brilliant (or so they thought) idea to make some extra cash by selling parking spots.

And guess what?

They weren’t content with just utilizing their own driveway; they decided to invade Skipper’s driveway, too, causing an uproar.

The Last Straw

Skipper and his housemates were having none of that nonsense.

They firmly told the EDs to knock it off, and put all their trash cans on the driveway in an attempt to block it from use. But they didn’t listen.

The EDs shrugged off the warning, moved the trash cans blocking the way as if they owned the whole neighborhood, and shamelessly continued their driveway-parking shenanigans.

Can you believe their cheek? Their ridiculous excuse? “You’re not using the driveway anyway!”

Well, that was the last straw for Skipper and his housemates.

A Devious Plan

Determined to teach those EDs a lesson they’d never forget, Skipper and his housemates hatched a devious plan.

They decided to take matters into their own hands, showing the EDs the consequences of their actions.

So, one by one, Skipper and his band called not one, not two, but FIVE different tow truck companies, each tasked with removing a car illegally parked by the EDs.

Chaos ensued as the EDs lost their minds, pounding on Skipper’s door like deranged lunatics.

Cool as a Cucumber

But Skipper was as cool as a cucumber, unfazed by their antics.

He reminded them of the prior warnings they had received, their persistent disregard for other people’s property, and the inevitable fallout of their selfish actions.

The EDs now had a choice to make: either cough up the cash to cover the tow truck expenses or face the wrath of angry customers whose cars had been towed and impounded.

Skipper made it crystal clear that their defiance would come at a hefty price.

And boy, did the EDs feel the sting.

Paying the Price

They reluctantly and begrudgingly handed over the dough, one hundred bucks per car, paid in cold, hard cash. Ouch!

But here’s where things get interesting.

That very same night, fueled by huge amounts of alcohol and sheer idiocy, the EDs unleashed their fury upon Skipper’s humble abode.

They thought they could get away with it, believing that their drunken acts of vandalism would go unnoticed.

Little did they know that Skipper had a trick up his sleeve, a cunning plan to catch them red-handed.

All on Film

In anticipation of trouble, Skipper had managed to borrow a video camera from work. He set it up, cleverly concealing it to cover both the driveway and porch.

The unsuspecting EDs, too drunk to notice, went on a rampage.

They spray-painted Skipper’s house with graffiti, ripped open trash bags, and dumped their contents all over the porch. It was a crazy display of disrespect!

But little did the EDs realize that the hidden camera was capturing every sordid detail of their misdeeds.

Skipper had meticulously connected the camera to a trusty VHS recorder with an eight-hour tape, to make sure that no act of vandalism would go unnoticed.

The EDs, thinking they had gotten away with their drunken mischief, had no idea that their every move was on camera!

Charged With Destruction

In the aftermath of their foolish stunt, justice prevailed.

The EDs got misdemeanor charges for their malicious destruction, a painful reminder that actions have consequences.

Skipper’s landlord, not one to let things slide, wasted no time in holding the EDs accountable.

He swiftly demanded the cleaning costs from their landlord, ensuring that the EDs paid the price for their reckless behavior.

And pay they did, forking over their hard-earned cash before their landlord terminated their lease!

Revenge Is Sweet

This tale serves as a reminder that revenge can indeed be sweet, especially when you have a cunning plan and a hidden camera.

The EDs thought they were untouchable, but little did they know that their own actions would come back to haunt them.

Even in the face of entitled individuals and their disruptive behavior, sometimes the best revenge is not to stoop to their level but to outsmart them and let their own actions be their downfall.

In the end, Skipper and his crew had the last laugh, proving that sometimes, justice really does find its way. Smile for the camera, boys!

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