He Confronted a Teacher for Not Allowing His Daughter to Read When She Wants in an Attempt to Make Her Socialize

A Redditor recently posted on a Reddit subthread about an argument he had with his daughter’s school teacher.

She Is a Good Child

The Original Poster’s (OP) daughter (C) who is 11 years old, leads an active lifestyle outside of school. She engages in soccer and swim lessons and frequently plays outside with other children in her neighborhood. C’s outgoing personality is reflected in her social life, as most of her friends are from outside of school.

Despite being an active and social child outside of school C faces difficulties in making friends at school.

C has been diagnosed with ADHD and was bullied during the 3rd and 4th grades for some of the symptoms associated with it. Although it was managed by the time she reached 5th grade, her peers at school continue to avoid playing with her and exclude her from social interactions. 

While OP understands that C’s classmates are not obliged to play with her, this also means that C’s socialization at school is limited. Despite the challenges, C appears to be content with the situation.

Teacher Gets Involved

According to C’s teacher (H), OP’s daughter often spends her recess reading or playing alone. However, OP and their wife were not overly concerned as they knew that C was very social and active outside of school hours. C has a keen interest in reading, and she is currently making her way through her mother’s childhood book collection, which she treasures dearly.

Recently, C was very upset after school, fearing that her mother would be angry with her. When asked what had happened, she revealed that H had taken her book away and refused to return it until the next day.

C had been reading during recess when H intervened and instructed her to go and play. Despite C’s pleas, H refused to return her book.

OP acted swiftly to console C and reassured her that she was not in trouble. OP even contacted his wife at work to reinforce this message, as he found it concerning that C was so frightened, given that their wife is known to be gentle with C.

As expected, OP’s wife confirmed to C that there was no need to be upset as she had done nothing wrong.


The following day, OP took C to school early and walked her to class, where only H was present. OP requested that H return C’s book to her, which she reluctantly did while attempting to justify her actions.

OP informed H that C was not obligated to engage in physical activity during recess and that they had not expressed any concern about her reading during this time. H argued that she was entitled to set boundaries for her class, but OP pointed out that recess was meant to be free time, and C was not reading during class.

Despite going back and forth, H eventually relented, and OP warned her that they would escalate the matter to the principal if necessary.

“One of Those Parents”

The conflict between OP and Cleo’s teacher was resolved promptly, and although the details are unknown, the principal assured OP that C had the right to read during recess, as long as it did not harm anyone or interfere with designated activities.

The principal confirmed that C would not have any more books confiscated, provided she followed these guidelines. OP and their wife were satisfied with this resolution, and C was overjoyed to have her right to read during recess reaffirmed.

According to OP’s cousin, who teaches a different grade at the same school, OP’s actions have become the topic of conversation among the teachers and OP has been labeled as “one of those parents”. OP’s cousin suggested that H’s low pay could have contributed to her actions and advised OP to simply accept the rule.

However, when OP pointed out that C would only be at the school for two more months before starting junior high in August, this did not seem to be a concern to their cousin.

Reddit users commented on the situation and confirmed that OP was not in the wrong for standing up to H. Many stated that they were teachers themselves and that they would never discourage someone from reading.