He Didn’t Hide That She Was His Favorite, But If You Knew What Had Happened, Would You Have Done The Same?

Being a dad isn’t easy, but being a dad to three teenage girls is as difficult as it gets.

This distressed dad wrote to Reddit’s subthread “Am I the A**Hole,” asking if he was an AH for buying his biological daughter her own hotel room and making his stepdaughters share a room.  

A Grieving Father

The tragedy of the original poster’s (OP) dad passing away had left him in emotional turmoil, but despite this, he had to be strong for his family. 

He and his wife Candace, his biological daughter Shiloh, and his two stepdaughters flew to his hometown to pay their final respects. 

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In their grief, they booked two hotel rooms to keep everyone comfortable during their stay. Candace took charge of the arrangements to avoid any potential drama and save money. 

One room would be for OP and his wife, and the other for the three girls.

Wicked Stepsisters, or is Dad Playing Favorites?

However, on one fateful night, OP received a frantic call from Shiloh, who was in tears and arguing with her stepsisters.

 She told him they had insisted she sleeps on the floor, even though there was enough space for all three girls to sleep comfortably on the bed. 

When he asked why, they shrugged and said, “they were more comfortable this way.”

This situation was not what Candace had intended when she booked the rooms, and it filled OP with anger and frustration. 

To resolve the issue, he ended up booking a separate hotel room for Shiloh, much to the disappointment of his stepdaughters.

Fighting a Double Front War

Upon returning to his room, he found Candace awake and upset with him. His stepdaughters had called Candance and told her OP had booked a separate room for his daughter Shilo.

She also accused him of playing favorites and wasting money by giving Shiloh an entire hotel room to herself.

Despite his attempts to explain himself, Candace remained unreasonable and accused him of causing further distress during an already difficult time.

Days later, Candace continued to bring up the issue, accusing OP of mishandling the situation.

She claimed that his actions had caused a rift between him and his stepdaughters, who were now not speaking to him. 

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Grief, Disappointment, and Division 

OP felt overwhelmed by the weight of his recent loss and the added pressure from his wife’s accusations.

He struggled to find a way to balance his grief and the needs of his family, all while trying to maintain a sense of normalcy during this tumultuous time. 

The idea of causing further hurt and division within his family weighed heavy on his heart, and he was left wondering if he had made the right decision.

Reddit Said This Was a Cinderella Nightmare

The Reddit community seemed to be on team dad.

NeonTangles wrote, “What I’m getting from this is that your stepdaughters were trying to live up to the Disney depiction of stepsisters and were shocked when they couldn’t just bully her into getting what they want.”

They added, “What’s extra gross is that they did it when coming back from Shilo’s grandparent’s funeral. Talk about cruel.”

Another responded, “Candace is the one playing favorites. Expecting your daughter to sleep on the floor is some Cinderella type stuff.”

What do you think? Is this a wicked stepsister Cinderella story? Who’s the one really playing favorites here? 

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