His Roommate Keeps Pestering Him for a Dog, but He Doesn’t Think a Dog Belongs in an Apartment

This guy asked Reddit whether he was wrong for saying his roommate couldn’t bring a dog into their apartment. Here’s the full story.

No Pets Allowed

The original poster (OP) shares a small two-bedroom apartment with his roommate. 

Over the past few years, OP has been very clear about his position on bringing pets into the apartment. They have previously discussed how OP believes it is reckless for people to adopt dogs and then leave them alone in their apartments all day.

He mentioned that he is not against having pets as he also plans to get dogs in the future when he has his own home, and he doesn’t feel comfortable doing that in an apartment.

His Roommate’s Brother Has a Load of Pets

Now the situation arose as OP’s roommate’s brother is getting married to a woman who has an unfathomable love for pets. They have taken in multiple hens, goats, dogs, and other animals less than a month after moving into their new house, planning to start a farm.

Plus, they have recently got a second dog while simultaneously rescuing a third. They’ve also expressed their desire to have a house one day, where they can have dogs without worry.

It’s Got Him Asking for a Dog Again

OP’s roommate, however, has recently been asked if he wants to adopt a rescue dog.

So, he asked OP out of the blue, “Would you mind if I get a dog?” And even his questioning style made OP mad.

OP says there was no “I’ve been thinking about getting a dog, what do you think about it” and a wait for him to process it. He was simply asking if OP would put up with a puppy that he wanted to adopt.

OP mentioned that if they get a dog, it would be in his space, and he would have to look after it.

He Wasn’t Comfortable With the Idea

OP didn’t instantly say no, but he was definitely uncomfortable with the idea and his roommate could sense it.

After listening to his roommate, OP informed him that while he didn’t want a dog in the apartment, he thought it would be great for his roommate to have one as he’s terribly lonely.

Plus, his roommate’s childhood dog, who lived with his parents and whom he visited every weekend, passed away a few months ago. As a result, OP inquired as to whether his parents might be able to have the puppy.

He Was Being Hostile

Despite insisting that everything was alright, OP’s roommate became upset, shut his door, and started acting passively hostile. OP doesn’t typically like passive aggression, and the whole situation has made OP feel really awkward.

Now OP thinks about whether he handled the situation badly and if he was wrong for implying no to his roommate’s request.

The Reddit community shared their thoughts and sided with OP.

Readers Thought He Was Being Responsible

Most Redditors said that OP was not wrong for saying no as he’s been clear with his roommate for a long time that he doesn’t want a dog in the apartment.

One Redditor commented, “I think he was just taking a chance and is now going to sulk about it but he really shouldn’t be surprised that you said no.”

So did the OP do the right thing by saying no? What would you have said?

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