He Faked His Own Death to Test His Family’s Loyalty – Then Arrived at His Own Funeral! Pure Wicked?

Have you ever considered faking your death to see who would show up? Well, this guy decided to try it out. Here’s the full story.

Faking It

Over the weekend, TikTok star, David Baerten also known as Ragnar le Fou staged his death in Liege, Belgium. 

His daughter even posted about her father’s supposed demise on social media, expressing grief and shock at his untimely passing.

His daughter wrote, ““Why is life so unfair? Why you? You were going to be a grandfather, and you still had your whole life ahead of you. I love you! We love you! We will never forget you.”

A Stunt to Gauge Reaction

The intention behind this stunt was to gauge the reactions of his wider family, whom he believed had distanced themselves from him.

Feeling unappreciated and disconnected from his family, he wanted to teach them a life lesson about valuing relationships while people are still alive.

Baerten explained that he often felt excluded from family events and wanted to convey the importance of staying connected before it is too late.

Flys in to His Own Funeral

On the day of the funeral, Baerten landed in a helicopter where his friends and family were gathered.

The Tik Tok Video captured the moment when many rushed over to greet and hug him as he emerged from the helicopter.

Baerten then revealed the truth behind the staged funeral, explaining the purpose of his prank to those in attendance.

Emotions Ran High

Emotions ran high as friends and family expressed a mix of relief, shock, and joy at his unexpected return. While some praised Baerten for his unique approach to delivering a “life lesson,” others questioned the ethics of such a prank.

The emotional impact on those who believed he had passed away cannot be disregarded.

However, close friend Thomas Faut posted a video of their reunion, captioning it “You got us,” indicating that despite the deception, the bond between friends remained intact.

A Partial Victory

Baerten claimed that although only half of his family attended the fake funeral, the stunt led to reconnection with other relatives who had distanced themselves from him.

He stated that those who did not attend the ceremony reached out afterward, expressing a desire to reconnect. Baerten sees this as evidence of who truly cares about him, considering it a partial victory.

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