He Followed His Wife’s Request for Mother’s Day, so Why Is She Angry With Him?

A frustrated father and husband took to Reddit recently after his efforts to grant his wife’s Mother’s Day only made her angry.

Planning for Mother’s Day

The Original Poster (OP) is a young man who is married to a woman. They have two sons under 10 years old.

With Mother’s Day approaching, OP’s wife told him all she wanted was to have the day off from all responsibilities. She didn’t want or need any additional gifts or gestures.

Somewhat suspicious, OP confirmed his wife’s request multiple times, then planned a day with their two sons so they could all stay out of her hair.

They Made Breakfast

On Mother’s Day morning, OP grabbed his 7-year-old son before the boy could bust into his parents’ bedroom and wake OP’s wife. Then the two of them went downstairs, where OP fixed breakfast.

OP and his son watched the boy’s favorite morning show until the baby woke up. Then OP went to get the baby out of his crib, and the three of them settled down to make handmade cards for Mom.

As soon as OP heard his wife getting up, he had the boys rush to her and give her their cards. She loved them but then asked OP if he had written anything for her.

They Made Cards

OP told his wife that he had a card for her but that he was still working on it because he had been occupied with the kids.

She wasn’t too happy with that explanation but went upstairs to get ready for a day out with her girlfriends. In the meantime, OP finished writing up his card and sent it to his wife.

After she’d had a chance to read the card from OP, his wife confronted him. She accused him of “plagiarizing” and using Google to make the letter sound more eloquent, expressing disappointment in the lack of originality.

OP admitted that he had used Google to fill out his text but that the skeleton of the card was all his.

OP goes on to explain that he is terrible at expressing his thoughts and feelings, especially in writing. He says that he’s always been like this and that his wife knows all about his struggles in that area.

For Mother’s Day, OP wanted to make as nice a card as possible for his wife, so he got some extra help.

She Went Out With Her Girlfriends

None of that mattered to OP’s wife in the moment, though, and she was angry with him as she headed out with her girlfriends.

OP and his sons had a great day playing and goofing off without the mom there to stifle their fun. And she apparently had a great day without them, too, since she stayed out until nighttime.

But OP was a little miffed when he saw that his wife had posted on Facebook about what a wonderful Mother’s Day she had spent with her sons. That just wasn’t true.

When she came home, OP could still see that his wife was still angry about the card. But it all left him confused and frustrated.

He Gave Her What She Asked For. Why Was She Unhappy?

After all, she had said that she wanted nothing but a day off for Mother’s Day, so the card OP gave her was an “extra.” How could she be mad at that?

Reddit commenters are divided in their opinions about this story.

Some think OP’s wife is being unreasonable because she got what she asked for several times but seems upset there wasn’t more.

Others say that OP is pretty lame for waiting until Mother’s Day morning to help the kids make cards and to make one of his own.

Several point out that even if his wife said she only wanted a day off, he should have gone above and beyond. Mother’s Day is pretty special for young moms, after all.

So, what do you think of this story? Did OP do the right thing by honoring his wife’s stated wishes for Mother’s Day? Or did he drop the ball by just trying to skate by?

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