He Found Out She Cheated On Him, So He Told Everyone, and We Mean Everyone!

He’s not the type of guy you want to cross, when he found out his girlfriend was cheating he went all out with his revenge.

He Discovered His Girlfriend’s Secret

Recently, the Original Poster (OP) found out his ex-girlfriend had been having a flirtatious relationship with one of her managers at the restaurant where she worked. 

This relationship involved dirty talk, compliments, and photo-sharing, as well as plans to hang out outside of work. 

When he found out about this, he told her to stop texting the other man and block him.

He Realised She Hadn’t Stopped

He later checked her phone and found that she had responded to the other man’s texts, thus continuing the relationship. 

She also described getting caught by him as funny and joked about reaching out to the other men once they were done. 

This made him feel emasculated, embarrassed and shocked that she could talk about him like that to another man.

Feeling hurt and angry, he decided to take revenge by posting the incriminating screenshots on her social media accounts (Instagram and Snapchat stories), sending them to the other man, her boss at work, and even her mother, whom he had helped move to a new home the previous week. 

He Commenced His Revenge

The other man responded immediately, but her boss and mother had yet to respond. She later apologized, but he told her what he had done and ended things between them.

Although he now feels he may have gone too far, he has already taken steps that cannot be undone. 

He contacted the restaurant owner where she worked, showing him the screenshots, but the owner said he couldn’t get involved in situations outside of work. As a result, she kept her job, but it was likely uncomfortable for her to work there.

In a final update, OP discovered that the other man was a single father who co-parented a son with another woman. 

He Told Everyone!

He showed the woman the screenshots, and she confirmed they had been texting for over a year, and that she had asked him to stop because she didn’t want him hanging out with someone who didn’t like the mother of their son. 

She also revealed that their relationship had ended because he was also cheating on her with another woman at the same restaurant where his ex-girlfriend worked. 

This discovery made the man realize that his ex-girlfriend was hypocritical, as she claimed to despise her own father for cheating on her mother. At the same time, she was pregnant but had no qualms about being the other woman in this situation.

What Redditors Thought

One Redditor said, “Not all heroes wear capes. Nice one bud.”

Another wrote, “She cheated and laughed about it. This was pretty tame considering how psychotic some people go. You didn’t harm her. You exposed her. That’s all you did.”

Do you think he went overboard? Should he have moved on, or did this need to be done? What would you have done?

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