He Found Someone Else in His Parking Spot So He Called the Cops on Him. And Then He Got Him Fired Too!

This man is a professional truck driver who found himself in a situation worth sharing. 

He’s a Truck Driver

As a truck driver, the Original Poster (OP) often relies on different truck stops throughout the country, which have a “Pay to Park” system in place. This is where a portion of the parking lot is reserved for paying customers. 

These reserved spots usually run from $15-$25 and are available for 24 hours, starting from 4 PM local time and ending at 3 PM the following afternoon.

OP knew he had a late-night delivery to make, so he arrived at the truck stop at around 3:30 PM and paid for a reserved spot. He informed the manager on duty that he had a delivery to make and would return after the delivery. 

He Reserved His Spot

The manager assured them it was okay and marked the spot as sold, so if someone else tried to reserve it, they could consult their notes and deny the sale.

Later that night, at 11:15 PM, OP left for his delivery and didn’t return until 2:30 AM the following morning. 

When he returned to the truck stop, he found all the reserved parking spaces were full. 

He’s Spot Was Taken

OP called the manager on duty and informed them that all the spots were full and someone had parked illegally in a spot he had paid for.

The manager sent another employee to check the trucks and found the culprit was a company driver with a bright orange trailer. The employee informed the driver that he was illegally parked and needed to move, but the driver was irate and threatened the employee. 

The employee called the police and a tow company, and the police arrived on the scene first.

As OP had worked for the company before, he knew the company’s policies and what was allowed and not allowed in the trucks. 

He Alerted the Employer

He saw the driver had alcoholic beverages inside, which were absolutely not allowed. OP was hauled in cuffs, and their truck was towed.

After the commotion died, OP called the company’s safety director and informed them of the situation. The director thanked them and said the driver would lose their job over the alcohol found in the truck. 

OP had played his part in ensuring the roads were safe and potentially saved lives by reporting the driver’s dangerous behavior.

What Do You Think?

Random-Mutant said, “Only do one crime at a time folks.”

Another thanked him, saying, “It’s scary to think that he may have driven off in the morning, still intoxicated from the night before, putting everyone on the road at risk.”

What would you have done? Should he have just left him alone? Have you ever had to call the police on an intoxicated driver? 

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