His Story of Being Locked in the Bathroom Is Still Being Told at the Same Restaurant 20 Years Later. They Even Replaced the Bathroom Door!

This waiter has gone down in history at a restaurant where he once worked. Who knew needing to use the toilet at work could result in such a funny story?

Visiting His Old Workplace

The original poster (OP) had a couple of hours to kill before an appointment, so he decided to grab some lunch at one of the places he used to work at in downtown Denver. He knew the food was good and would be a nice trip down memory lane. Little did he know, he was about to find out something hilarious and embarrassing.

While enjoying his meal and reminiscing, he remembered something that happened to him 20 years ago when he worked as a server at this same popular spot. He told the bartender about a time when he used to work there.

A Quick Bathroom Stop

The restaurant had a strict no-cell-phone policy back then, and OP had already received one write-up for violating it. So he stashed his phone in his locker and went about his business. But before the lunch rush hit, he had to use the bathroom. So he took care of business, washed his hands, and then tried leaving the bathroom. But the lock had broken!

He started knocking on the door, hoping someone would hear him. But the employee bathroom was in the corner of the kitchen, and the noise of the busy kitchen and lunch rush drowned out his pounding. Fifteen minutes went by, then another 10, and still, no one came to his rescue. OP was starting to panic, wondering how he was going to get out of there and how long he would be stuck.

He Was Trapped

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, someone heard him. It was a coworker who had gone to their locker for cigarettes. They told OP that he had been triple-sat and that the managers were furious with him. OP explained his predicament, and the coworker went to get the manager.

When the manager arrived, he demanded to know why OP hadn’t just called them on his cell phone. But of course, OP had left his phone in his locker to avoid getting written up again! 

The manager had to track down the maintenance guy, who was 20 minutes away, to get OP out. By the time he got freed, he had spent an hour stuck in there.

To add insult to injury, his first table was understanding but didn’t leave him a tip. And he didn’t get to sit at another table for the rest of the day. It was an experience that OP would never forget.

He Missed Out on Tips

Fast forward twenty years, and OP is back at the same restaurant, enjoying a beer and telling his story to the bartender. 

After he finishes, he heads to the restroom, only to find that the employee bathroom now has a sliding bolt latch instead of a lock on the door handle. Little did he know that his experience was the reason why! 

He got back to the bar, and the bartender confirmed with the GM that the change occurred because of OP’s incident twenty years ago! The GM never knew who the culprit was, as they had taken over years after OP had left. The bartender and GM bought the OP a beer, and he drank to his newfound infamy!

He Scored a Free Drink

It was a funny revelation that made OP laugh and cringe at the same time. He couldn’t believe that he was the reason why the company had changed the lock. But at least he got two free beers out of it. It’s a badge of honor that he wears proudly, even if it cost him a day’s worth of tips. 

And now, he can’t help but chuckle every time he thinks about that fateful day 20 years ago. Who knows, maybe someday, they’ll even name a dish after him. The “Locked In” Burger, perhaps? The possibilities are endless!

Whenever OP visits this place, he’ll be able to enjoy his meal with a smile on his face, knowing that he has left his mark on this establishment forever. Who knows what other changes he has unintentionally caused in his past workplaces? 

Reddit users loved this guy’s nostalgic tale. One user said, “That’s so irritating that management got upset with YOU. “Why’d you lock yourself in the bathroom?!” “I didn’t do it on purpose.”

Did you find this guy’s story funny? Have you ever found yourself in a similar predicament?

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