These Insufferable Customers Created “Customized” Dishes and Then Had the Audacity to Return Them Saying They Were Horrible

Recently, this server found himself face-to-face with the worst customers he has ever had to serve. Here’s the full story.

A Difficult Family

On this day, the Original Poster (OP) welcomed a group of customers into the restaurant. He figured from the start this particular family (a mother, a father, a son, and a daughter) would be a little difficult, but he never anticipated all the nonsense

The family just appeared depressed in general; they were unpleasant anytime OP tried to speak, not responding to him, cutting him off, or speaking to him in a way that was quite demeaning.

However, OP had faced this before, and he normally doesn’t find it bothersome. Even when he’s being treated like complete garbage, he would still be polite.

He Maintained His Composure

OP asked them if they needed anything just two minutes earlier, but a while later, they pretended and told them that no one had helped them in the previous hour to another server who went nearby.

They insisted on having the free bread even though they had already received a basket. OP had been keeping them informed about the bake time and when a fresh batch would be ready, but they were angry about the delay.

OP requested the mother to repeat her drink order because she had actually murmured it under her breath, but she acted as if OP was an idiot who wasn’t listening.

OP said that even after all that, things weren’t too bad—at least, not until the dinner arrived.

They Complained About Everything

OP says that he has no problem with returning food, whether it was prepared improperly, burned, or for other reasons.

But things took a turn when the family started requesting modifications and many bizarre additions to the dishes. OP was reluctant but did his job and took the order with the requested modifications. OP says they requested to add shrimp, mushrooms, and spinach to the spaghetti.

As expected, the family returned a kid’s hamburger, fish and chips, and pasta, making up 3/4 of their entrées.

They Returned Their “Customized” Dishes

They were returned saying, “I just don’t like it. It tastes awful.

Then they got the audacity to say that OP was the reason for their “horrible food.”

At this point, OP was so irritated that he stood up to leave and asked his manager to approach the table and speak with them.

Since OP realized it would be pointless to do anything more for that table, he concentrated more on my other tables.

Finally, when it came to the bill, the mother dared to claim that because it was so expensive, she “won’t be able to eat out for a while.”

Plus, as OP expected, they didn’t tip him anything.

They Didn’t Leave a Tip

OP says he has never met trashier people like them, and he says that they should be ashamed of themselves for acting like that in front of their kids.

He shared the experience with the Reddit Community, and several Redditors shared their thoughts.

One Reddit user shared their personal experience and wrote,  “Wow, your story is way worse, but it reminds me of the time I had a family of 6 all order lobster rolls without checking what the market price was (around $30 each). Well, they got their check and suddenly complained that the lobster meat was not fresh, came from a can, etc. This was in Maine, and the lobster was fresh (saw the cooks boil them live that morning, and we only used large claw and tail meat). They got all the rolls comped, and the bill went from like $200 to about $15 because they only ordered sodas, and they tipped me $2”

Another Redditor commented, “If they didn’t like the 3 customized entrees then they should’ve gone home to cook!! It’s disgusting when ignorant trashy people do things like this in front of their children. That part ALWAYS UPSETS me even more. Because we all know 90% of the time, the kids will turn into their parents, and the vicious cycle repeats for future generations.”

So what are your thoughts? Have you been in situations like this?

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