He Refused to Move On to a New Family After His Mother Passed Away, Now He’s Inheriting His Grandparent’s Money While His Sister Misses Out

Throughout his upbringing, he never formed a close bond with his stepmom or stepsister, but now his birth mother’s grandparents left him a sum of money, and they are eager to lay their hands on it.

He Lost His Mother

The Original Poster (OP) is a 30-year-old who suffered a devastating loss at a very young age. He lost his mother when he was only five years old. 

Although he was too young to understand the full impact of her death, he had vivid and treasured memories of her that he held dear. 

As he grew older, his attachment to his mother only grew stronger. When his father started dating a year after her death, he did not take it well.

His Father Moved On

Despite his feelings of grief and loss, his father believed he knew what was best for the family and that dating someone new was the right thing to do. 

His father eventually married his stepmother, Lucy. OP did not take kindly to Lucy and acted out in response. He was not ready to accept Lucy as his new mom.

When OP began acting out, his father became frustrated, and he started punishing him whenever he misbehaved or upset Lucy. He used his sister, Jessica, as an example of good behavior. Jessica was easily pleased and did not share the same attachment to their mother as he did.  

His Sister Accepted Her New Family

He felt his father was unfair, and he became increasingly upset when Jessica started calling Lucy “mom” and when Lucy started referring to him as her son.

As time went on, things became more difficult for OP when Lucy had her own children, and his father and stepmother started pushing to adopt him and his sister. 

They Wanted to Adopt Him

Jessica was fine with this idea, but he refused. After therapy failed to improve the situation, his father and Lucy tried to withhold things he wanted, but he was too stubborn for it to work.

The only person who seemed to understand and support him was his paternal aunt, who stuck up for him whenever she saw what Lucy and his father were trying to do. 

When he turned 18, OP went straight to his aunt and never looked back. He legally changed his surname to his mother’s maiden name and stopped talking to his father altogether, leaving only his aunt as a source of support and guidance.

He Took Back His Mother’s Name

Now, with the passing of his maternal grandparents, he finds himself in a complicated situation. 

Their will states that only their legal grandchildren will split a $250,000 inheritance. Since Jessica is legally Lucy’s daughter, she received only a framed photo of their mother and a letter. 

Jessica believes he should share the inheritance with her, but he believes she should seek money from her legal grandparents instead. 

His aunt thinks he is being too harsh, but he is determined to stand by his principles and do what he believes is right.

What Redditors Said

One user pointed out, “Interesting how she only wants to be family now money is involved.”

Another said, “Your grandparents had plenty of time to change their will. They used the specific term legal grandchildren for a specific reason.”

What do you think? Should he share the money with his sister? Did his grandparents say “legal grandchildren” on purpose to exclude her?

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