Fake Priest Hired to Force Staff to Confess to ‘Work-Related Sins’ at Restaurant Chain

In a shocking display of corporate abuse and manipulation, a California restaurant chain owner has made headlines for employing deceitful tactics to exert control over his staff. 

Extracting Sins

Che Garibaldi, the owner of Taqueria Garibaldi restaurants, has faced severe backlash after allegedly hiring a fake priest to extract confessions from his employees regarding their supposed “sins” against the company.

Following an investigation and subsequent civil court case, Taqueria Garibaldi was found guilty of multiple labor violations.

These violations included the unlawful distribution of employee tips to managers, the denial of overtime pay, and the employment of a fake priest to uncover alleged wrongdoings by employees.

Shameless Corruption

The U.S. Department of Labor has not shied away from expressing its outrage, labeling this act as one of the most shameless displays of corruption perpetrated by an employer against their staff.

The imposter priest hired by Garibaldi aimed to extract confessions from employees under false pretenses. The Catholic Diocese of Sacramento confirmed that the individual in question had no affiliation with their diocese, distancing themselves from the scandal.

Former employee Maria Parra provided a firsthand account of the dubious practices within Taqueria Garibaldi. She revealed that employees were coerced into confessing their “sins” to the fake priest during work hours.

Only Work-Related Sins Please

However, these confessions strayed from traditional religious matters, instead focusing solely on employment-related issues. Allegedly, the fake priest questioned employees about theft, lateness, harm caused to the employer, and any ill intentions toward their employment.

In response to these egregious violations, the U.S. Department of Labor has ordered Garibaldi to compensate his employees with $140,000 in back pay and damages.

Plus, a civil penalty of $5,000 has been imposed. The court ruling explicitly prohibits Taqueria Garibaldi from impeding their employees’ rights and interfering with ongoing investigations.

No Response

The restaurant chain is sternly warned against engaging in discriminatory practices, threats, or wrongful termination against any employee who cooperated with investigators.

As of now, Garibaldi and the other owners of the restaurant chain have remained silent, providing no official response to the allegations.

Several Twitter users shared their thoughts about the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “Wage theft must be made a criminal, not just a civil offense. We must start jailing bosses who intentionally steal from their employees.”

Another user commented, “Just unreal. Owners truly have no limits when it comes to deception and protecting their own.”

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