Despite His Wife’s Objections, He Went Ahead and Got a Dog. But There’s More to This Story and Its More Than Just Who Deserves the Dog!

A man took to Reddit recently to ask for some advice – he wanted to know if he’d been a jerk when he called his wife psychotic over KFC. However, when he revealed more information about the situation, there was a huge backlash against him. Let’s take a look!

She Doesn’t Want a Dog

The original poster (OP) is facing a dilemma that has been brewing since the start of his relationship with his wife. 

She vehemently opposes having a dog in their home due to a traumatic experience from her childhood. 

However, OP has been struggling with anxiety and depression and wanted to get an emotional support animal (ESA) to help him cope. Despite his wife’s objections, he went ahead and got a dog.

Their Stepson’s 11th Birthday

Fast forward to today, it’s their stepson’s 11th birthday, and he wants KFC for dinner. The wife went to get the food and left it unattended for a moment. 

At that moment, the dog managed to eat at least half of the food, including the bones. OP was understandably panicked and rushed the dog to the vet, but his wife’s reaction was not what he expected.

She was furious and demanded that he get his “[] mutt” out of her house. She even threatened to divorce him if he brought the dog back!

In her mind, the dog had ruined their stepson’s birthday party, and she was out of pocket for the cost of the food. 

OP tried to reason with her, telling her she was being “psychotic” over KFC and that he wasn’t going to pay for it. He felt that he was justified in his stance because he had made compromises in their relationship and was already paying his fair share of the household expenses.

But his friend called him out on his behavior, telling him that he was being a jerk. After all, his wife had been clear from the start that she didn’t want a dog in the house.

“Re-Home the Dog”

She had even asked him to re-home the dog before. And now, her worst fears had come true, and the dog had ruined her stepson’s birthday party!

It wasn’t just about the money or the food; it was about the emotional impact that the incident had on her.

OP, on the other hand, was focused solely on the well-being of his dog. He didn’t seem to realize that his wife was suffering, not just because of this incident, but because she had been living with a source of anxiety and fear for a long time. 

The dog might be an ESA, but it didn’t change the fact that his wife was uncomfortable with its presence in their home.

OP tried to justify his decision by saying that he had stepped into a father role and made compromises, but it seemed like he was missing the bigger picture. 

Yes, he was doing his part in the relationship, but that didn’t mean he could ignore his wife’s feelings and concerns. He had made a decision that affected both of them without her input, and that was not fair.

She Was Scared of Dogs

It’s not that the wife hated dogs; she was just afraid of them! She had scars on her chin, forehead, and behind her left ear from a dog attack when she was young, and that had shaped her perception of dogs ever since. 

It was a traumatic experience that had stayed with her for years, and OP should have taken that into account when he decided to get a dog.

His justification for ignoring her trauma? “It’s been scientifically proven that women have higher tolerances when it comes to trauma of any kind. She’s had 18 years to deal with it and hasn’t.”

He had also not followed through on getting the dog trained, which could have helped ease his wife’s fears and made the situation more bearable for everyone. Instead, he had left her to deal with her anxieties on her own.

The house they lived in was the wife’s, which added another layer of complexity to the situation. OP had declined the offer to be on the deed, so the house was 100% hers. He only paid for the expenses he used, which meant that he had limited say in what happened in the house.

The Dog Was Under His Watch

The crux to this story? His wife told him she was leaving the room for a minute and asked him to watch the dog around the KFC, and he turned his back for “not even a minute,” and the dog got into the food! He admits it was his fault, but he doesn’t think that matters in comparison to what could have happened to his dog – therefore, he’s refusing to pay for the food!

Redditors hated this guy’s tale, overwhelmingly declaring him a jerk. One user said, “She gave you an ultimatum over your untrained “emotional support animal” terrorizing her son’s party, and you responded to her not only by refusing to pay for the damages out of your shared bank account but also by gaslighting her and calling her psychotic.”

Could Be One of the Biggest Jerks in the Subreddit’s History

Another user said, “OP, I have read some of your replies in the thread. You are a terrible husband, and you really are competing with some of the biggest jerks in the subreddit’s history.

We’re talking about dismissing your wife’s mental health issues and past trauma from a dog bite and insisting that your stepson’s happiness and the property your dog damaged should not be your responsibility.

You really should do your soon-to-be-ex-wife a favor, apologize to her and work to end this relationship. She does not deserve you. No woman deserves you.

What do you think about this story? Do you agree with the internet’s opinion on this man?

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