Neighbor Puts Up an Electric Fence Next to School to Stop Trespassers – Justified or Just Insanity?

According to a report by WRIC, an incident in Henrico County, Virginia has sparked widespread discussion and debate within the community.

Electric Fence Raises Safety Concerns

It all began when residents of a neighborhood near the intersection of East Berry Street and South Wilson Way made a rather unusual discovery. A local resident, Bryan Tucker, had taken matters into his own hands by erecting an electric fence on his property.

The location of the fence raised concerns among the community as it was just a few inches away from the corner where middle and high school students regularly gathered to catch their morning bus.

Trying to Protect His Property

The revelation that the fence was electrified came to light when people noticed a solar panel installed nearby. What initially seemed like a simple act of property protection quickly turned into a contentious issue as the consequences became apparent.

In an interview with WRIC, Tucker explained his reasoning behind the electric fence. He expressed frustration over persistent incidents of trespassing and littering on his property by students. Seeking a solution, he decided to install the electrified fence, hoping it would deter unwanted visitors. 

No Warning Signs

His approach backfired when parents became alarmed and contacted the Henrico Police. The absence of any warning signs indicating the electrification of the fence further fueled the concern and unease among the community.

Residents interviewed by WRIC expressed shock and disbelief at the situation. One resident remarked, “It’s insane,” while another added, “Someone said it was electric, I was like whoa.” The potential danger posed to children waiting for the bus became a prominent point of contention. 

Escalating Controversy

Wayne Milby, a concerned parent, voiced his apprehension, stating, “Me, I’m a parent and I don’t want any children to get electrocuted.” The safety of the children was paramount in his mind.

On the other hand, Tucker defended his actions, asserting that he couldn’t be held responsible for other people’s children. He maintained that his sole intention was to protect himself and his property. 

Prior attempts to address the issue with “no trespassing” signs proved ineffective, leading him to take more drastic measures. Tucker contended that different individuals were providing conflicting advice, making it challenging for him to ascertain the truth in the midst of the escalating controversy.

Ordered to Take It Down

The situation prompted the involvement of Henrico Police and Public Works. The authorities examined whether the fence encroached on a county easement, which was determined to be the case.

Consequently, Tucker was instructed to take down the fence. However, he made it clear that he intends to reinstall the fence within the boundaries of his property, regardless of the opinions of his neighbors.

Community Clashes

The electric fence incident has generated significant discussion both within the local community and online. People have expressed mixed reactions to the situation, with some sympathizing with Tucker’s frustrations and others emphasizing the importance of prioritizing child safety and finding alternative solutions. 

The incident has highlighted the complex dynamics that can arise when personal property rights clash with community concerns and the safety of its members.

As the dialogue continues, it remains to be seen how this incident will impact the community’s perceptions and discussions surrounding property boundaries, security, and the well-being of its residents, particularly the children.

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